Kylie Jenner Lip-Inspired Challenge Leaves Many Shocked, Amused, Enraged


Social media exploded in a mixed bag of reactions after #KylieJennerChallenge, a Twitter hashtag that dared youths to plump their lips by putting shot glasses to their mouth and inhaling as hard as they can, went viral earlier this week.

For months, YouTube has become flooded with Kylie-inspired makeup tutorials on how to mimic the teen’s look and achieve fuller lips through illusion. However, Jenner fans have taken the craze to an entirely new level, possibly damaging their mouths permanently in the process.

According to, the vacuum effect caused by sucking the air within the tightly sealed glass can cause blood vessels beneath the skin to burst, leading to permanent scarring and swelling, as well as temporary bruising around the lips.

Though it is not entirely clear whether the challenge is praising Jenner’s lips or mocking her popular pout, it is evident that adult reactions to the bizarre challenge have been less than favorable, mostly due to its health risks.

However, some have viewed the challenge as a socially upsetting fad. News commentator Derrick Clifton took to Twitter, expressing his disappointment in the participants and asking his audience to consider: “Why are white women celebrated for features deemed ugly on their black counterparts?”

IMG_20150422_174303Some may take the challenge as a serious step back in race relations, but others receive the hashtag as a lighthearted joke for spectators’ kicks and giggles, joining in on the festivities while they last.

IMG_20150422_174220Other media personalities are merely encouraging children to spend their recreational time doing something a little more wisely.

Jenner commented briefly on the trend yesterday afternoon, encouraging others to stay true to who they are, regardless of how she personally decides to alter her appearance.




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