Bruce Jenner’s Tell-All Interview with Diane Sawyer: RECAP


Millions of people tuned in to reality star Bruce Jenner’s two-hour broadcast interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night in which he spoke candidly about his life-long struggle with gender identity and his family’s reaction to his decision to become transgendered.

Social media was constantly buzzing with Jenner’s influential confessions, but just in case you missed the program, here are the highlights:

1. Bruce has always felt like a woman inside.
Jenner immediately got teary-eyed as Sawyer asked the first big question that everyone was dying to know. “Are you a woman?”

“For all intents and purposes, I am a woman,” he said. In addition, Jenner currently refers to the female persona inside of him as “she” and “her.”

2. He has been cross-dressing for years.
Reflecting back on his childhood, Jenner says he wanted to try on his first dress at the age of eight years old, and when he did, it felt good. After ending his Olympic career, Jenner revealed that he took female hormones and had plastic surgery in the 80s to start his transition, but stopped after meeting Kris Jenner. Since then, he has put on women’s clothing in secret. Though, he admits to having been caught dressing up by both Kim and Kylie Kardashian in the past.


3. He is still attracted to women.
Jenner identifies as a woman, but says he has always been attracted to women and as far as he knows, is heterosexual. When speaking openly about his three marriages, Jenner revealed that he told them all about his cross-dressing, but says he was unfair in never telling them the full extent of his gender identity.

4. Shooting Keeping Up with the Kardashians was pretty hard on him.
Jenner says that while filming the hit reality show, he felt his story was one that really mattered, and it hurt to know he could not tell it. “I was the story,” he said.


5. He almost took his own life.
A couple years ago, after paparazzi showed up to the office where Jenner wanted to privately undergo surgery to shave down his Adam’s apple, he admits to having contemplated ending his life, feeling as though his journey was over. But Jenner says he did not do it because he wanted to see how his story would end. “I couldn’t take the walls constantly closing in on me. If I die… I’d be so mad at myself that I didn’t explore that side of me,” he said.

6. His family is super supportive.
Though Jenner says all his children cried when he told them about his identity, they are all supportive. All four children from Jenner’s first two marriages even spoke to Sawyer about their father’s transition, commending him on his bravery.

7. Kimye has been super DUPER supportive.
In one of the most talked about segments of the interview, Jenner told Sawyer that Kim was the first to know about his transition, and was hesitant to talk to him about it at first. But after talking to her husband, she has become the easiest person to talk to through the process.

“Look, I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am. I can have the most beautiful little daughter in the world; I have that. But I’m nothing if I can’t be me,” Bruce recalled as Kanye’s advice to Kim.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - October 20, 2014

8. Celebs have his back, too.
Throughout the night, dozens of celebrities, such as Laverne Cox, Ellen DeGeneres and Macklemore, offered their support to the transitioning star, hoping his words would transcend to others trying to cope with their own gender confusion.

IMG_20150426_1849459. He’s a Republican.
Another crazy revelation for folks at home was Jenner’s somewhat surprising political affiliations. After Sawyer mentioned that President Obama is the first president to publicly say the word “transgender,” Jenner gave him credit for that, but quickly told Sawyer that he was a conservative Republican. Though Jenner does not consider himself a spokesman for gender identity, he does say he is open to talking to the Republican party on behalf of the transgendered community.

10. His docuseries will premiere on E! this summer.
Friday’s interview was the last time the public would see Jenner as a male. But for curious minds, E! will broadcast an 8-part series, documenting Jenner’s new life as a woman July 26, 9 p.m/8c. In the meantime, viewers can check out ABC Family’s new show Becoming Us, a reality show following a 17-year-old boy as he adjusts to life after his father’s sex change. Becoming Us premieres June 8. Check out the preview below.


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