2015 UMD Block Show Enriches The Community


The 2015 UMD Block Show took place on Hornbake Plaza this past Saturday, bringing together the diverse ethnic community here at College Park. The Block Show happens each spring semester and is an opportunity for various dance clubs and Greek organizations to display their talents. More importantly, these clubs and organizations contain a majority of black and brown students, who are able to express themselves and their culture through the event.

The show was emceed by alumni Greeks and kicked off with performances from dance organizations such as Phunktions and Dynamics.

Phunktions Dance Company performing at UMD Block Show (Miya Treadwell/Pulsefeedz)

Sanya Oluwafemi, a sophomore and member of Phunktions, was very excited about performing at the Block Show for the first time. For her, the Block Show is important because it celebrates black organizations while providing a space for the students to connect with their heritage.

“I think often times we forget our roots and our heritage and celebrating black fraternities and sororities is definitely a good thing,” Oluwafemi said.

2015 UMD Block Show (Miya Treadwell/Pulsefeedz)

For other students, the Block Show was a chance to catch up with friends and relax before the stress of Finals takes over.

Sophomore Kinesiology major Kalia Williams was glad to have an opportunity to reconnect with friends and classmates saying “I went to Block Show because it’s the one time that everyone in the black community at UMD comes together.”

The community aspect was also the major appeal of the Block Show for senior Amyla Kendrick and sophomore Jumoke Kadiri.

Members of the Latina Sorority Lambda Theta Alpha Left to Right- Anna, Jessica, Josselyn and Imani (Miya Treadwell/Pulsefeedz)

Overall, the importance of the Block Show stems from the sense of community that the event encourages. Current students and alumni come together, reconnect and bond over the performances all while developing a richer community here at UMD. A community that students say can often be overlooked at a university as big and diverse as this one.

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