SU Students Celebrate Gullfest


Salisbury University hosted it’s annual Gullfest concert on Sunday, featuring headliners Jessie J., MKTO and Mac Miller.

Kicking off the concert was pop-musical duo MKTO, the artists featured vocals from Tony Oller and rapping from Malcolm Kelly. They sang a variety of songs from their debut album such as their major hits “Classic” and “American Dream,” they also sang new songs from their upcoming album.

“I really enjoyed listening to MKTO,” said junior, Brittany Daniels, “I didn’t really know too much of their music before the concert, but now I want to go download their entire album.”

Students may not be aware of all the preparation and behind the scenes operations of Gullfest that help make the concert a success each year.

Gullfest is carefully planned by S.O.A.P (Student Office of Activity Planning) each year. The executive board sends out a campus wide poll at the beginning of the year, asking students who they would like to see perform. They take that information and try to get the most wanted artist to come and if the artist is not approved or available, they attempt to bring in another artist of the same genre.

“The biggest challenge of Gullfest this year was trying to get an artist approved,” said Teresa Rogers, S.O.A.P Comedy Chair. “Once our board approves the artist, they have to then be approved by a number of people, including administrators and SUPD.”

Following MKTO was U.K. artist Jessie J., who was very excited to be celebrating her first U.S. tour. J, sang some of her classic hits such as Domino, Bang Bang, Masterpiece and more. The best part about her performance was the way she took charge of the stage, whether it was with her sexy dance moves or her killer vocals.

During the performance she took some time to share her story of her rise to fame with the crowd, leaving them with one piece of advice.

“Never base your intelligence on your exam results.”

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“Jessie J., really killed it today,” said freshman, Tyler Goins. “She came out and took charge of the stage, she has a really good stage presence.”

The final artist that took the stage was no other than Mac Miller, who performed a mixture of his older songs and a few newer ones. Miller told the audience that before he became famous he wanted to come to Salisbury for lacrosse, however drugs and alcohol entered his life instead.

Students thought the event was a success, taking to their social media pages to share their enthusiasm, using the hashtag #gullfest.

“@kimbermoose said Just gonna listen to @WEAREMKTO for the rest of the night/summer/forever. They were so good at #gullfest

“@KMRizzle said Jessie J was more than words can say! Bless her and her voice and soul. #jessiej #Gullfest

“@il0veyouJENNAY said @JessieJ BE MY VOCAL #YOUREPERFECT #gullfest

While the student attendance went up from last year, some would say that the event could have been better. Rogers, said overall she thinks the event was a success. She said that everything ran as smooth as it possibly could.


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