The Art of Social Media Comments


Since the creation of social media, our generation has taken to computers and other devices across the world to express their opinions and emotions. These expressions may be on a number of things such as political issues, social discussions or entertainment, Regardless of the topic, these comments have affected the way we view social media and the Internet as a whole, for good and bad.

As a heavy user of social media in its many forms, I know how crazy of a place the comment section of any video, article or photo can be. However, I have only recently started to appreciate the power of comments.

We live in the age of social media where most of our generation stays in the loop of whats going on around us through Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. However, the comment section tends to be overlooked, but if you take the time to read through the comments of any video on YouTube or Facebook, for example, you may find it even more intriguing than the content itself.

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University of Maryland students reflect on racial tensions at town hall meeting


Lamontre Randall (center) with members of the panel. (Amber Ebanks/Pulsefeedz)

Baltimore native and public speaker Lamontre Randall planned a town hall meeting which occurred late Wednesday night so that “Maryland students could meet with the real of Baltimore, the people that are really doing something.”

Members of the panel included Astrid Diaz, the Public Relations Chair for PLUMAS (The Political Latinxs United for Movement and Action in Society), Kondwani Fidel, a Baltimore poet and Virginia State University alumnus and other various community grassroots leaders.

Kondwani Fidel performs two spoken word pieces at the town hall meeting on Wednesday. (Amber Ebanks/Pulsefeedz)

“I think the uprisings woke up the Black community and I think everyone recognized the system for what it is,” said Randall. “The uprisings were great because it was about the young people for once. We hear the older people talk all the time, they talk, but they don’t listen. It actually took some people putting in action for people to say hey something’s going on, let’s figure out what’s going on.”

Members of the panel take questions from the audience. (Amber Ebanks/Pulsefeedz)

After graduating from the University of Maryland last May, Randall founded BMore Clean, a new initative to help the citizens of Baltimore. Randall believes that there are many things that led to the uprisings, such as lead paint and abandoned homes.

Many people, including Randall, believe that social media has been a valuable tool for people interested in the uprisings.

“It’s a difference between, and our generation is trying to find a balance, a social media activist and a social activist. We need to have people programming their mind that being a social media activist is not the same as being a social activist. Being a social media activist makes you comfortable and it makes it seem like oh, I just retweeted this I can go ahead and live my life without bettering the society around me.”

Randall believes that the Black Lives Matter campaign is a beneficial use of social media.

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Loh appoints work group to discuss Byrd Stadium name change


On Thursday, University President Wallace Loh announced the formation of the Byrd Stadium Naming Work Group to facilitate a conversation about the football arena’s controversial namesake.

Supporters of the name change argue that Harry Clifton “Curley” Byrd, former athletic director and university president, aligned himself with racist and segregationist views contrary to university values.

While talks had stirred in the past, the conversation came to a head last spring, when the Student Government Association endorsed a student-led petition for a name change.

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A Week Later, Still a Time to Be Alive


Sunday night, when most people were getting ready to take on Monday morning, and students are doing last minute assignments due by midnight; two of the hottest hip hop artists broke the internet. Social media world received word that the mixtape everyone anticipated would drop on iTunes at 8pm. Drake and Future collaborated on What a Time to Be Alive, which was recorded in an Atlanta studio, produced by the great Metro Boomin.

After Dirty Sprite 2, the music world hailed it as the “post-breakup” fire expected from Future. His split with the singer, Ciara, did wonders for his music career, as the success from his album ushered him back into the limelight. Meanwhile, Meek Mill did something similar to Drake’s career. While most of his diehard fans may argue Drake didn’t need the extra boost to begin with, his beef with the Philly rapper had the music world buzzing. His diss tracks “Charged Up” and “Back to Back” had everyone choosing him in the “Meek or Drake” battle. Both Drake and Future’s recent success created an instant hype about this project.

drake vs meek futureandciara

Fans expected it to be the mixtape of the year. Their styles are completely different, so why the hype about the collab? We almost got a sneak peek at what WATTBA would be like in the single “Where Ya At” on DS2. The track is undeniably hot and has listeners knowing the lines verbatim.

So here’s the big question. Did the ‘tape live up to the hype?

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Political activist Angela Davis talks social change at UMD


“History repeats itself…and everyone wants to find a solution but you can’t find a solution without talking about the problem first,” says junior Darien Ellis, an English major minoring in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ellis, one of the many students filing into the Grand Ballroom at Stamp Student Union last Thursday, was eager to hear social change activist Angela Davis’ perspective on present day issues.

Students wait in line for Davis' speech.
Students wait in line for Davis’ speech. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)

Senior electrical engineering major Abriana Stewart-Height says she was hoping for a lesson from Davis on how new activists can have a physical presence in today’s movements, rather than just being present on social media.

Davis’ speech, an installment in the University of Maryland’s Voices of Social Change series, touched on Stewart-Height’s comment when she emphasized that the intellectual work that students are doing at universities everywhere has to be in compliance with the practical work of protesting and organizing. She advised students to stay motivated. “The struggle is a protracted one that is not going to end after two weeks, two months or two years,” said Davis.

Another point Davis made was how the focus of conversations surrounding social change today is diversity when in the past, conversations were about broader ideas such as freedom and justice. “[Diversity] is difference that doesn’t make a difference at all,” said Davis. “We need to find a way to strengthen the notion of diversity and add justice to diversity.” Continue reading Political activist Angela Davis talks social change at UMD

Killer moments from the HTGAWM season 2 premiere


The How to Get Away with Murder season 2 premiere was the definition of MIND BLOWN and delivered on every level. Viola Davis proved without a doubt why an Emmy now sits on her mantel.


With the opening sequence, HTGAWM came out swinging with an OMG moment in every scene. A beginning fit for a now historic show. Continue reading Killer moments from the HTGAWM season 2 premiere

UMD’s Most Unique Clubs On Campus (Audio)

Pulsefeedz’s Tristan Madden reports from the First Look Fair and gives us a taste of some of the more unusual but unique clubs on campus which are underrepresented and might not get as much attention as they deserve.

Clubs mentioned in this audio piece include: The Good Vibe Tribe (which is meeting Friday at 4 p.m.), The Virtual Reality Club (the club held an Occulus VR demo session at TerpZone last year) and the Nerf Activity Society.

The Virtual Reality Club sets up shop at this month’s First Look Fair. (Tristan Madden/Pulsefeedz)
The Nerf Activity Society shows off their weaponry to students walking through this month’s First Look Fair (Tristan Madden/Pulsefeedz)

Is Caleb Rowe the Answer?


Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

The Maryland Terrapins came in to this season with a quarterback controversy but it looks like Caleb Rowe may have solved it for now. The redshirt junior started his first game in two years, going 21-33 for 297 yards with 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions leading the Terps to a 35-17 over South Florida.

In his first game as a starter, Rowe showed why he could keep the starting job for the rest of the season but also made fans question whether the job could eventually go to Daxx Garman or the team’s previous starting quarterback Perry Hills. Rowe has a much stronger arm than Hills, as he completed 9 yards per attempt compared to just 6 per attempt by Hills. Rowe also gives offensive coordinator Mike Locksley the ability to spread the field and add a vertical option to the passing game, a dimension that was not there with Hills at the helm. That dimension was on display at the end of the first quarter Saturday, as he hit Taivon Jacobs in stride down the sideline for a 70 yard touchdown. Continue reading Is Caleb Rowe the Answer?

Half the Sky UMD raises awareness on campus


In September of 2008, husband-wife team Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn published a book about economic empowerment, education, forced prostitution, gender-based violence, maternal mortality, and sex trafficking. Since then, they have produced a documentary to accompany it, as well as a sequel novel and documentary.

Kristof and WuDunn’s mission to change minds and spread their message inspired the launch of a new group on campus in the spring of 2014 known as Half the Sky Movement. A group of graduate students along with the help of the Director of Public Health Initiatives, Elisabeth Maring, decided that they wanted to bring Half the Sky to College Park because they desired to spread awareness on the wide variety of topics that this book covers according to Molly Crothers, former president of Half the Sky UMD.

The club has since organized events and hosted screenings of documentaries Half the Sky and its sequel, A Path Appears. Each screening was followed by a discussion and presentations from organizations on campus and in DC to talk about some of their events and goals.

Courtesy Half the Sky Movement
One of the club’s main initiatives is the following: “When you give a girl an education, her life and everyone’s lives around her are changed for the better. Here are a few examples of the benefits: The woman will have fewer children later in life, and the family will have another income to help provide enough food and nutrition for their family.”

The current executive board includes Mahrukh Malik and Raye Weigel as co-presidents, Jacquie Neminski as vice-president, Nicole Grap as secretary, and Carly Brody as treasurer; all of whom have been involved with the organization since its founding.

“I’ve been involved since the first interest meeting with Dr. Maring.  In one of my Global Public Health Scholars’ classes, which was also taught by Dr. Maring, we were reading ‘Half the Sky,’” said Crothers. “The book and video clips really impacted how I looked at the world and the world’s issues so I wanted to become more involved with the Half the Sky movement.” Continue reading Half the Sky UMD raises awareness on campus

Scandal Season 5 Premiere Review


My precious fellow Gladiators, I have returned and so have our fearless leaders, Olivia Pope and Shonda Rhimes.

As per usual, I am stressed and baffled and my edges, that I have spent exactly five months to the day growing back since the season four finale, have been swiftly snatched from me. Thank God almighty that it’s almost the time to pull out the beanies and hats so I can hide this atrocity. I will be billing Shonda for my hair salon costs, as should you all.

Anyway, let us debrief once again.

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