Killer moments from the HTGAWM season 2 premiere


The How to Get Away with Murder season 2 premiere was the definition of MIND BLOWN and delivered on every level. Viola Davis proved without a doubt why an Emmy now sits on her mantel.


With the opening sequence, HTGAWM came out swinging with an OMG moment in every scene. A beginning fit for a now historic show.

Here are the top 5 moments from the premiere:

  1. Bonnie killed Rebecca-We didn’t have to wait a whole season to find out how Rebecca met her demise. With duct tape and a plastic bag, Bonnie’s troubled past and unwavering devotion to Annalise suffocated Rebecca to death. It’s Annalise who figures it out and calls Bonnie a monster. The question is will Bonnie ever get back into Annalise’s good graces?
  2. Eggs 911-We know what happened to Rebecca but who she contacted before she died is still a mystery. One that has Michaela obsessed enough to contact the number and keep the ghosts of Rebecca’s murder lurking in the shadows. At the end of the episode we know that Eggs 911 responds to Michaela’s text but are still no closer to an identity.
  3. The adopted siblings-The first case of this season is the suspected murder of a couple by their two adopted children. They gave off that psycho-narcissistic Bonnie and Clyde type vibe but we ‘re not sure if they’re guilty or not. By the end of the episode their aunt, a key witness for the prosecution, is found dead in her car adding another twist to this already warped case.
  4. Annalise had a lesbian lover-It was a serious jaw dropping moment when Annalise started making out with Eve (aka Jean Grey from X-Men) her friend and apparent lover from her days at Harvard Law. Annalise had called in Eve to represent Nate, who’s on trial for Sam’s murder after being framed by Annalise herself. We don’t know much about Eve and her relationship with Annalise but we can tell that there was some drama that caused a rift between them.
  5. Annalise gets shot– Hands down the top OMG moment of the night was the last scene set 2 months in the future at the sibling’s mansion. We see a gunshot go off and then Wes running from the house. Annalise is revealed to be lying in a pool of blood, gasping for air and leaving fans screaming across the nation.

After Thursday night’s premiere, I’m both excited and scared to find out what happens next. A feeling that makes How to Get Away with Murder the wonderfully addicting show it is.

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