Another piece of puzzle, HTGAWM Episode 2: She’s Dying


Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Thursday night brought another crazy, jaw-dropping episode of How to Get Away with Murder, bringing us one step closer to finding out what happened at the mansion.

Here are the top 5 moments from episode 2 She’s Dying.

  1. Nate’s day in court– In episode two, we get to see Prosecutor Sinclair present her case against Nate for the murder of Sam, Annalise’s husband, or at least that we think. Sinclair instead goes after Annalise on the stand, attacking her character and bringing up every gritty detail about her relationship with Nate. Sinclair unnerves Annalise, who has doesn’t hesitate to lay into Sinclair. In the end, Nate is exonerated after Eve (Annalise’s ex-girlfriend and Nate’s new lawyer) also points the finger at Annalise for the murder. The judge ends up throwing the case out because it had become about Annalise, not Nate.
  2. Annalise and Eve– Speaking of Annalise and her ex, Eve, it looks like they’re rekindling their relationship. They shared a moment last week in the premiere and we get to know a little more about the relationship in this episode. We’re still not sure what happened between them back at Harvard, but after an argument turned make-up session, we know there’s still something very strong between them. At the end of the episode, Eve heads back to New York but we have a feeling that she will be back.
  3. Bonnie and Annalise– This week, we see the aftermath of Annalise discovering that Bonnie killed Rebecca. Annalise puts Bonnie in charge of the murder case against the adopted siblings and in a clash between the two, we learn that Bonnie believes Annalise saved her. We still don’t know from what or whom she saved her, but we understand why Bonnie is so devoted to her.
  4. Eggs 911 -In the season premiere, Michaela reached out to “Eggs 911.” This episode we see that Michaela is again debating whether or not to respond, but before she can make a decision she happens to meet a cute guy at court. The chemistry is instant but Michaela is reluctant. We don’t know exactly who the mystery man is but there seems to be a possible connection to “Eggs 911.” Michaela does end up going out with the mysterious cutie and we all know nothing good can come from this.
  5. A dead prosecutor –In the premiere, we saw Annalise laying in a pool of her own blood at the mansion of the adopted siblings.This week, we saw more of what happens and it is revealed that Prosecutor Sinclair was at the mansion and has been killed. We also see the rest of the students surrounding Annalise as she gasps for air. Connor keeps telling Annalise that the situation is all her fault. He doesn’t want to leave her but Michaela convinces him to and they all run out the house.

    Source: Google Images
    Source: Google Images

We are given another small piece of the puzzle in the second episode, but the situation is getting more and more complicated. What happened in that mansion? All we can do now is wait until next Thursday for another clue.

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