Today’s Top 10 Late-Night Talk Shows, Ranked


Late night television has undergone major renovation within the last year and a half. Some comedic heavyweights left television, some found new homes on different networks, and others came into the game as late-night rookies. While there is evidently plenty of late night to go around, some shows ring right, while others sometimes fall flat. So, here are today’s top 10 late-night TV broadcasts worth watching, ranked.

10. Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers wowed audiences while hosting Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment with his comedic timing and jokey interviewing, but his transition into late night has been evidently mild this past year. And while watching him reunite with other former SNL cast members warms a special place in all our hearts, Meyers fails to make a significant splash on the late night scene.

9. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert has only hosted his show for three weeks, following David Letterman’s 22-year run. Although none of us are quite sure what direction Colbert is going in as he redefines The Late Show, it is nice to see him add a more eccentric spin to prime-time television.

8. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Yes, Trevor Noah has only hosted The Daily Show for a week. Also correct: Trevor Noah is already doing a great job. With hilarious correspondents such as Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper, Noah’s version is shaping up to be a refreshing truth-teller amidst all the bias and blaming.

7. The Late Late Show with James Corden

Following Craig Ferguson’s nine-year run as host of The Late Late Show, England-native James Corden puts a chipper stamp on his late-night legacy, bursting into fits of wild laughter whenever possible, embracing his warm-hearted personality and often using his impressive theater chops to sing with a bunch of other musicians.

6. Watch What Happens: Live

Andy Cohen puts major twists on the traditional late-night talk show, using formats free of political spoofs, house bands and beginning monologues all together. Still, Cohen never takes himself too seriously, utilizing his youthful personality to entertain viewers with fun interviews from almost every celebrity under the sun.

5. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

Taking over The Colbert Report‘s late-night time slot, Larry Wilmore uses his show as a platform for the likes of underrepresented personalities and diverse opinions on television. While he presents his own opinions, he also uses weekly panels of experts, activists and entertainers to conduct conversations about tense material such as racial relations, gay marriage and celebrity wrongdoing.

4. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

A former news correspondent under the guidance of Jon Stewart, John Oliver now runs his own show on HBO. While most hosts spend their time telling viewers that the world is messed up, Oliver does his research in order to SHOW them. Wittily uncovering shameful societal practices concerning food waste, Miss America and the fashion industry, Oliver specifically tackles issues we sweep under the rug, forcing us to laugh at all the things that should probably have us all in tears.

3. Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Four words: mean tweets: NBA edition. Oh, and one more: Escandalo. Whether it is his ongoing irrational animosity towards Matt Damon or his annual Christmas prank-wars with next-door neighbor John Krasinski, audiences love to see Jimmy Kimmel throw himself right in the middle of celebrity shenanigans and live as the subject of his own punch line.

2. Conan

After a messy departure from NBC five years ago, Conan managed to find a pretty stellar home with TBS as one of the best television personalities in the game. Exercising an outrageous amount of self-deprecating humor, O’Brien always finds a way to laugh at himself in the midst of laughing at other people, a humorous pattern that never gets old amongst his monologues, interviews and star-studded sketches.

1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Adorable SNL cast member turned America’s favorite man-boy, Jimmy Fallon is killing this thing they call late night, as everything he touches turns viral. Running staple segments such as “Thank You Notes” and “Box of Lies,” Fallon’s giddy nature contagiously brings out the inner-child in all his guests. He literally loves EVERYONE, and they love him right back.


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