Embrace the Shame: Amber Rose Slutwalk


*Note: this article contains profanity and other offensive language*

When most people think of women empowerment, the last name that comes to mind is Amber Rose. But that is soon subject to change because on Saturday afternoon Rose hosted the first “AmberRoseSlutWalk” in downtown Los Angeles.

Rose is no stranger to advocacy. From her interviews and posts on social media, it is clear that she is a feminist and has always been an avid supporter of gender equality, especially when it comes to women owning their sexuality. Rose also uses her fame as a platform to empower those who have been victims of sexual assault and victim shaming.

At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Rose and her best friend Blac Chyna rocked the red carpet in custom made outfits that spewed derogatory terms across them. “They call us sluts and whores all the time, so we just embrace it…” states Rose.

Courtesy: wwtdd.com
Courtesy: wwtdd.com

She also recently starred in a video called “Walk of no shame” for funny or die TV, a humorous skit that promotes women’s control over their own bodies. She used this video and other forms social media, such as Instagram and twitter to promote her walk. The walk sold out with over six thousand people in attendance.

Rose shared a bunch of Instagram pictures of the walk, including one of her mom holding a sign that states “F**k yo 30 showers,” in rebuttal to a crude statement Rose’s ex Kanye West made about her last year. Rose held up a sign that read “Strippers have feelings too.” Other signs included ones saying “Don’t tell me how to dress, tell them not to rape” and “Control yourselves not women.” She even had a live stream of the walk for supporters who could not make it.

Courtesy: bellanaija.com
Courtesy: bellanaija.com
Courtesy: bet.com

The protest was originally coined the “Slutwalk” in Toronto Canada after police officer Michael Sanguinetti told a group of women that they “should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” Soon after, women worldwide took to the streets to protest in response to Sanguinetti’s remarks.

Slut walks have been held all around the world in places ranging from Washington, DC. to New Delhi.

Visiting Rose’s website, http://www.amberroseslutwalk.com, will provide more information to anyone interested in her cause. The site includes general information about the movement, information about its sponsors, and even allows people to share their own personal stories. “Amber, an outspoken advocate against “slut-shaming,” is leading the movement “against sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labeling and gender inequality,” according to the event’s website” states ENews.

Courtesy: justjared.com
Courtesy: justjared.com

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