UMD Revamping College Application Process Together With Over 80 Schools


Starting next year prospective students will have two applications to choose from when applying to the University of Maryland.

According to an article from the Washington Post, “the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success plans to unveil an online application that will be an alternative to the widely used Common Application.”

This new application will benefit low-income students and over 80 schools have already signed onto the platform, diverging University of Maryland from its previous path of being independent with their application.

This university is known for avoiding the Common Application, an online application system accepted by over 600 colleges and universities, instead having a completely separate procedure from all other schools.

This separate application, highly inconvenient compared to the Common App where the only thing students need to do is press “apply” and their essay is sent out to schools they have selected, is soon going to be joined by this new system. The class of 2017 will have a chance to apply using the completely new application.

Courtesy of the UMD Admissions website
Courtesy of the UMD Admissions website

“UMD’s membership with The Coalition will hopefully encourage more underrepresented, first generation and/or low-income students who typically have not considered UMD to apply…requirements for admission remain unchanged,” a University of Maryland Admissions spokesperson said.

University of Maryland released a news announcement yesterday about the arrangement.

To become part of the Coalition there are a few requirements that have to be met. The college or university has to provide affordable costs, provide sufficient financial aid to meet the full demonstrated financial need of every domestic student they admit and their graduation rate of six years has to exceed over 70 percent. The University of Maryland meets all of these goals.

Hannah Lee, a freshman at the University of Maryland, said, “the Maryland application was not that bad, though one thing I didn’t like was how you couldn’t list the activities you did in high school, unlike with the Common Application. Hopefully you can do that with this new application.”

The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success plans to have a free platform of tools to help in the college search ready by Jan. 2016.

The University of Maryland Admissions spokesperson also said, “With the Virtual College Locker feature, students who have their sights set on applying to UMD will now have additional tools at their disposal during the application process.”

The Coalition plans to have schools use their application beginning in the summer of 2016.

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