Let’s Talk About Sex! HTGAWM Episode 3 recap


Lordy, lordy, Michael Jordy. This week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder delivered all the delicious, sexy and murderous fun that I love. Episode three was all about sex, murder and more sex.

The episode started off a little different than most. It opened in the siblings’ mansion where Annalise was shot, prosecutor Sinclair is dead and the students are running for hills. Then Annalise’s phone rings and it is Nate, of all people. He is speeding in his car and I am ready for him to rescue Annalise as the scene turns to her taking her last breath.

Source: memegenerator.net
Source: memegenerator.net

Back in the present, Annalise is prepping for the siblings’ murder case while drowning herself in vodka and ice cream. She barely makes it to her bed when she hears a loud thud and ends up finding a rat caught in a trap in her basement. And who does she call to get rid of it? Wes! Proof of their awkward relationship. All I keep thinking is nothing good can come from this.

The next morning there is a new case and man it is juicy. The female owner of a holistic sex club is on trial after one of her clients died while they were having sex. This led Annalise to ask her client if she “wanted to go to jail for being a negligent slut?” Those no filter, straight-shooter lines that I live for.

As the students work on the case, they all share sex stories. Except Michaela, who has never had an orgasm but is getting really, really close to Levi, bae from the courthouse.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Asher and Bonnie, a.k.a top contender for weirdest relationship ever, also hookup. But Asher is keeping a secret. He is feeding information to prosecutor Sinclair and even stole Annalise’s tape recorder full of notes for the siblings’ case. Sinclair is blackmailing him of course, but that boy is always messing up something.

Frank is still playing mind games with Laura and girlfriend has got it bad. I just need him to go ahead and tell her the truth or leave her alone.

Out of all the crazy relationships, Connor and Oliver seem the most normal as Connor becomes more “boyfriend” and less “playboy.” I’m so proud of him.

But back to the case. After learning that the club owner killed her client in a crime of love and jealousy, Annalise per usual, does something completely unethical to win. She points the finger at the victim’s wife to divert attention away from owner Tanya, who cannot stomach the courtroom drama.

Source: google Images
Source: google Images

Each member of the team celebrates the win in his or her own way. Laura tries to pump Bonnie for info about Frank. Connor and Oliver have sex for the first time since his HIV diagnosis. Asher runs to his daddy for help with prosecutor Sinclair and Michaela makes a date with Levi, but Wes corners him before he can go and give Michaela that tingling sensation. YOU GO BOY!

But it turns out that Levi was Rebecca’s foster brother and Eggs was his childhood nickname for her. He convinces Wes that there is more to Rebecca’s disappearance and Annalise is the key, setting in motion a scheme between Wes and Nate to find out the truth about Annalise.

Back at the mansion, the students are hiding in the woods when a car pulls up. It is Nate. He was there to rescue them, NOT Annalise.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

I am mad! Poor Annalise cannot catch a break.


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