UMD SGA President Accuses Cornerstone Bar of Discrimination


The Cornerstone Grill and Loft is under scrutiny after being accused of maintaining a discriminatory dress code by the University of Maryland’s student government President late Thursday night.

Patrick Ronk, who was recently re-elected for a second term, said in a Facebook status that he noticed a sign condemning the sports bar’s patrons from wearing “do-rags, basketball jerseys, sagging pants, or ‘urban wear’ of any kind.” When Ronk approached a security guard inquiring about the sign, he was allegedly told “you’re not black, dude. You don’t have to worry about this.”

No photographic or video evidence to validate Ronk’s claims have been released. Ronk tells Pulsefeedz that taking pictures or video didn’t really cross his mind.

“I didn’t plan this as a stunt at all. This was a totally spur of the moment thing.”

Ronk’s Facebook status has drawn the ire of some African-American students and alumni on social media.


3 4 UntitledDuring homecoming, the University of Maryland’s African-American alumni normally reunite at Cornerstone to reminisce on their college experiences and network with one another. There is no word yet at this time on whether the location of this event will remain the same during upcoming homecoming celebrations on Nov. 7.

Pulsefeedz attempted to reach out to Cornerstone’s management but they were not available at press time. On Cornerstone’s website, there is no specific mention of a dress code although under an entry on Yahoo’s website it is mentioned as “casual.”

Ronk says that the reason he vented on Facebook was to raise awareness and cast a light on the situation.

“They’re a private company and I’m pretty sure that sign and dress code isn’t illegal, just immoral,” Ronk said. “After (the security guard) said that, I pretty much told him that’s a pretty terrible way of thinking of things and left. I didn’t want to escalate the situation at all past that.”

When asked whether he or other students should continue going to Cornerstone, Ronk said that he probably was not welcome there in the first place.

“I’m not going to tell anyone what to do though, that’s not my place. I do think people should consider the kind of businesses they give their money too though.”

Ronk’s Facebook status can be seen below.

SGA Prez Cornerstone

UPDATE: Cornerstone’s manager Chris Wood has responded to Ronk’s accusations in a conversation released on Twitter by one of Wood’s Facebook friends.

Wood says that “the dress code goes for anyone, (Ronk) was just upset he didn’t get let in.” Wood also says that Ronk was being “blatantly racist” despite the fact that black patrons had been allowed entry during the same night. Wood’s responses can be seen below in gray.



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