Celebrating Diversity at HerCampus’s College Fashion Week


This year, the fashion began on Saturday, October 3 in Boston, made its way to New York and for the first time took a stop in Washington, D.C. The events will end on Saturday, October 24 in Atlanta.



College Fashion Week features student models to show off the latest trends. According to the HerCampus website, the models are “of all body types to ensure that our runway reflects the diversity among collegiettes everywhere!” To apply to be a model for College Fashion Week, students posted a selfie on Instagram accounts and mentioned @HerCampusCFW and tag #CastMeCFW with the city they want to model in. Many of the models from the University of Maryland, College Park.

“I enjoyed Echelon Fashion Society my second year at Maryland,” said Kontessa Roebuck, a senior landscape architecture major at UMD. “My favorite thing about the show was the free perks like the giveaway. It was very realized and we could show our style through our walks.”IMG_5055


The fashion show is open to anyone in the area as long as they registered before the show. Attendees were encouraged to arrive early because the doors closed after the room reached capacity.

Attendees not only viewed the show, but they could also visit free stations before the show. At the “Accessorize Yourself” photo booth, attendees could use accessories and props to take pictures. From the booth, the pictures can be uploaded directly to social media accounts. After visiting the “Accessorize Yourself” station, attendees were encouraged to visit Milani’s Linkedin headshot station. Attendees received free headshots courtesy of Milani, the official makeup sponsor of College Fashion Week.IMG_5063 IMG_5064

Roebuck’s favorite look of the night was the “Modern Punk” look. According to Roebuck, it was edgy and it was “something I’d wear on a night out on the town.”

Following the show, models received a VIP goody bag full of gifts from College Fashion Week sponsors and a professional head shot to add to their portfolios.CKSaQUWa0U3vsGEfsAg7akChdR3NnqtGHK4_qG1LC5YafKB_gWCiGzCeByKF5Yr8WuIKXxJFJMmB--KZcbL2W4

Hudson Herring, an international business major and Hannah Radner, an international affairs major, both seniors at George Washington University were members of the audience.

“One of my best friends in London was one of the models in the show so it was fun to reunite with her tonight,” said Hudson.

Both Herring and Radner enjoyed the menswear inspired section from the show.

“By wearing menswear-inspired clothes I can keep my clothes in the business realm while keeping in touch with my personal style,” said Radner.


Those at College Fashion Week 2015 could also try Jamberry’s DIY nail wraps.  Lauren Vance, a lead consultant for Jamberry Nail Wraps, provided nail strips at each of the shows.

“The company was founded by sisters that wanted affordable nail polishes,” said Lance. “They found a similar product in the stores, and created their own version in their attic. It is a direct sales company with representatives. The company offers 450 designs and shades, a gel kit and 50 different nail lacquer colors.”

According to Lance, all of the products are toxic-free. In addition, Jamberry also offers services for private events, such as birthday parties.

There were also many other things attendees took part in, including entering a contest for a $250 shopping spree, and free goody bags with free items from companies including the European Wax Center, Simon, Skinny Pop and StyleWatch.

Video Courtesy of Her Campus YouTube page.

Jae Ellis, a member of the Air Force, and Justin Martin, a videographer, came to the show to support one of their friends that were modeling in the show.

“This was my first fashion show I went to and I’ve been inspired to come again,” said Martin. “It kind made me want to join the show.”

“My favorite section of the show was 70s,” said Ellis. “It was something different and something I haven’t seen before. Fashion is about being different.”


One thought on “Celebrating Diversity at HerCampus’s College Fashion Week”

  1. This was a very informative article one that had me wanting more and wishing I had been there. Hope to be apart of this event to support the young people who dare to be who they are.

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