Styling Tips: Tights For Fall


Even as temperatures drop and the autumn wind whips around campus, there’s a way to keep warm and still look cute: wear tights!  Coming in all colors and patterns, tights offer a creative way to cover your legs and enhance your style.  Here are four ways to style tights this fall.

Match To Elongate Your Legs

Deepa Ramudamu/Pulsefeedz

Sometimes wearing different color tights and shoes can cut off your legs, but if you wear the same color, your legs will look longer and it’ll give your outfit a sleek look.  Black is the easiest to pull off; pair black shoes and tights with a patterned dress or romper to balance it out.  If you’re more daring, try colors like red or white.  Navy or dark gray are good choices if you don’t want to wear black but you’re uncomfortable wearing really bold colors.

Offset Plain Clothing With Bold Tights

Deepa Ramudamu/Pulsefeedz

If you like wearing basics, tights can add a pop of color.  Whether they’re one solid color or have a bright pattern, they will still be flattering and add visual interest to your outfits.  Try an all-white outfit with magenta tights or an all-black outfit with rose-patterned tights.  It’s an easy way to make your outfits more exciting and highlight your legs.

Use Tights To Mix Patterns 

Deepa Ramudamu/Pulsefeedz

Pattern mixing isn’t always easy.  You can’t trick yourself into thinking your striped shirt and your plaid shirt look good together, but tights offer an easy way to mix patterns without making your outfit look too overwhelming.  Just make sure that the tights are in the same color family as your clothes.  Try polka dot tights with a striped dress or vice versa.

Wear Socks For Added Warmth


If wearing tights isn’t enough to keep the cold away, you can layer long socks over them.  Over-the-knee socks can add more color to your outfit or tone down patterned tights.  Try neutral colors like black, gray or even wine.  Socks are especially useful at night, when temperatures can drop below 50 degrees and the wind chill makes it even colder.

Tights come in many different colors, textures and patterns.  They’re an inexpensive piece to experiment with in your wardrobe and they will still keep you comfortable this chilly autumn.

Photos by Deepa Ramudamu/Pulsefeedz


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