HTGAWM Recap: Meet Bonnie


Excuse me while I try to lift my jaw off the floor. Last week’s How to Get Away with Murder delivered all the “OMG” moments that I expect on Thursday nights.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

First and foremost, Asher is officially on my last nerve. I don’t understand why he CANNOT get with the program. In this episode, Bonnie confessing to murdering Sam lingers on his mind as he plays Lets Make A Deal with Prosecutor Sinclair.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Ultimately, despite some award-worthy manipulation by Bonnie, Asher decides he wants to be one of the “good guys.” That is, until Annalise swoops in and shows him a tape from Bonnie’s past. In the video, we see poor Bonnie sexually assaulted by her father. Asher is once again caught between a rock and a hard place.

Wes is also tap dancing on my last nerve. I don’t understand why he thinks he can out smart Annalise and her squad, but he continues to try. However, last night he finally realized what he’s up against. Wes and Levi try to play detectives and approach the grave-digger connected to Frank which leads to a storage locker. Wes becomes a klepto and swipes the keys from Frank. Here’s when the other students come into play.

Throughout the whole episode Michaela, Laurel and Connor are going crazy trying to figure out what’s happening with Asher. To the point that Michaela comes at Bonnie side ways and Annalise lets her have it. She reads all of her students top to bottom and leaves them all with long faces. It is then that they realize Wes has been cool as a cucumber the entire time, so of course they follow him as he goes to meet up with Levi.

They confront Wes and Levi. Michaela is hysterical after finding out that Levi, aka the best sex she ever had, is Egg911. Connor and Laurel are equally upset when the cops pull up stopping everyone in their tracks. They arrest Levi, who just happens to have two bags of meth in his car…WTF?

In a series of flashbacks, it is shown that Frank is the ultimate fixer…no shade to Olivia Pope. When Annalise finds out that Nate and Wes were working together, she confronts Nate who tells her about Levi. Frank then prompts the grave-digger to lead them to the storage unit, leaves the keys out for Wes to take and puts the drugs in Levi’s car. Proving once and for all that Frank is Mr. Untouchable. What really seals the deal is that when the students go to the storage unit they find a suitcase like the one Frank put Rebecca’s body in but instead of a body they find it full of cash. At this point I throw up my hands in surrender. Nothing will ever be as it seems.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

As always the episode ends in a flash forward of what happened in the mansion. This time Bonnie comes running down the stairs to a car with Asher in it. They drive to gas station where Bonnie goes to the bathroom. She’s covered in blood adding yet another suspect to the Who Shot Annalise pool, but when she returns to the car Asher is gone. He’s at the police station about to make a statement. Again, working on MY LAST NERVE.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

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