Hurricane Patricia Weakens As It Goes Through Mexico


Just a few days ago, Hurricane Patricia was a Category 5 storm and the strongest ever recorded at sea with winds of over 200 mph. Mexico was right in its path and mass destruction was predicted to occur.

Courtesy of NASA. Hurricane Patricia from space.
Courtesy of NASA. Hurricane Patricia from space.

However, once the hurricane reached Mexico on Saturday, it slowly became weaker. After 12 hours on land, it no longer ranked as a tropical storm.

What could be even better news? The official death toll from the storm in Mexico currently stands at zero. Yet, don’t think that Mexico missed out on the hurricane’s wrath.

About 3,000 homes were destroyed, but the hurricane did miss the most populated parts of Mexico.

Courtesy of NOAA. Hurricane Patricia's predicted path through Mexico.
Courtesy of NOAA. Hurricane Patricia’s predicted path through Mexico.

“More than 235,000 people lost electricity, and by Saturday night about half had it back,” according to a Los Angeles Times article.

Texas has also felt effects of the once Category 5 hurricane. On Friday and Saturday there was increased flooding that occurred throughout the state and a freight train derailed due to waterlogged tracks.

Parts of Southeastern Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi are still at risk of downpours today. The storm could even reach parts of Florida.

However, the worst part of the storm is over. The next course of action is to wait for the subsequent hurricane to occur in the next few weeks.

Click here for a time lapse of Hurricane Patricia in Mexico from The Washington Post.


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