Box Office Update: Is 2015’s Success Streak Officially Over?


Despite huge Hollywood starlets, “bankable” sequels and the power of 1980s memorabilia, numbers at the box office remain dismal this fall after a prosperous blockbuster-packed summer.

Just months ago, it felt like everything the mainstream film industry supplied to the public was thriving as familiar ensemble casts, new comers and reboots alike flooded silver screens with creations people responded heavily to.

Films such as Pitch Perfect 2, Trainwreck and Disney Pixar’s Inside Out drove viewers off their couches and Netflix accounts, and into those theater seats.

Summer releases Jurassic World, Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Minions now reside in the world’s top 10 most grossing films of all time, alongside movies like Titanic, Frozen and Avatar.

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However, the flourishing phase seems to be dwindling down as recent films take in less money than producers predicted, including the highly anticipated biographical film Steve Jobs, starring Oscar-nominated actor Michael Fassbender, directed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle and written by renowned screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

Though the film about Apple Inc.’s revolutionary co-founder received an 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, mostly positive reviews and is even generating early Oscar buzz, the biopic only made $7.3 million its opening weekend available at all theaters.  A few weeks before, its limited release in selected theaters pulled in over $2 million.

Its critics are mostly unified in opinion, but movie goers gave mixed reviews.



This is the second biopic made in attempts to cinematically capture Jobs’ legacy, the first being 2013’s Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher. And though the prestigious team behind 2015’s rendition was supposed to entice more viewers, Steve Jobs took in less than a million more dollars than the first film.

Furthermore, Universal Studios’s take on ’80s cartoon Jem and the Holograms, Vin Diesel’s The Last Witch Hunter and franchise addition Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension also tanked last weekend. These films, however, received bleak reviews.

Jem & The Holograms
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Even so, there are still two months left in the year and awaited films such as Will Smith’s Concussion, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as Seth Rogen’s The Night Before, costarring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie, have yet to hit the big screen.

Smith may be looking for his third Oscar nomination this year as he portrays forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu, who battled against the National Football League’s efforts to suppress research indicating brain damage in American football players.

Meanwhile, Rogen seeks redemption this season, after the scandalous release of his satirical comedy The Interview was stripped from theaters given its controversial context last year. Rogen returns to familial humor in his upcoming film about a Christmas Eve reunion between three childhood best friends.

Check out the trailers below:

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