Scandal Review: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Look people, I’m fed up. Not with Shonda this week, but with Olivia.

I refuse to begin this debriefing with any pleasantries because I am stressed and irritated beyond relief.


Y’all are too, don’t act like you aren’t. We can bypass all the foolishness.

First of all, poor Mellie, all she wanted was to impeach her sorry husband for having an affair and leading her down a path of destruction all for him, just for him to go and treat her like the block of cheese left in the back of the fridge for 5 months and then for her to be ambushed into perjury at the trial for his impeachment. Poor Mellie.

Side note: Sally Langston is a troll and once again, she goes on a “holier than thou” rant talking about the president sinning as if she didn’t violate one of the Ten Commandments, murdering her gay husband in cold blood. But okay, we’ll act like that didn’t happen, Sally. Just know, we know.

IMG_5217 (1)

Next up on the list of tomfoolery, we have Cyrus’ plan for Fitz and Liv to get married to prohibit her from testifying against him. But of course, Olivia is fickle and was not feeling the plan. Reason number one of why I’m sick of Liv, but stick a pin in that, we’ll come back to it.

Daddy Pope is now back in full effect and showing that he’s still a goon and even though he’s raised Olivia to be a respectable human being, clearly he can get down and dirty, killing a man with his bare hands. Unfortunately, he doesn’t think his universal hands are enough to keep him from Jake’s (or whatever his name is) wife and the people she is working for from killing him, so he calls in a reinforcement: Olivia.

So before Olivia is set to testify, the rest of OPA is slated to testify. Olivia tells them not to lie and they don’t. They pin everything on Harrison. FOUL. God rest his fictional soul, Harrison is always taking the rap for the foolishness at OPA, even in death. I weep for his corpse. OPA is petty for that, Harrison can still hear y’all from the grave! BE RESPECTFUL.


Speaking of foul, reason number two of why I’m fed up with Olivia is because she had the AUDACITY to call Jake AND ASK HIM HOW HE FELT ABOUT HER MARRYING FITZ. GIRL, WHAT? You have the NERVE to keep rubbing your phony relationship with a MARRIED man in your side pieces face, when half of us out here ARE STILL WAITING ON A TEXT BACK. Shorty is tripping and I’m tired of it.

On top of that, she has the audacity to tell Fitz to “get up” when he went to great lengths to propose to her properly. If I were Fitz, I would’ve chucked that ring across the White House lawn and said “to hell with this, I’m going back to Mellie.” He gives up his wife, the presidency and  for her and she treats it like he just asked her to eat five week old brussel sprouts? FOOLISHNESS.


Meanwhile, Daddy Pope gives Olivia a way out of this impeachment business without having to get married, but under one condition: get him out of jail. She agrees, but that means she has to grovel at Mellie’s feet. That cannot end well, and trust me y’all, it doesn’t.

It’s evident that it’s clapback season in the White House because after Olivia asks Mellie to get her father out of jail (after telling her his real identity, seeing as he has like 30 of them), Mellie says that he is the reason Fitz kicked her out of the White House, much to Olivia’s surprise. Mellie pulled a big “though it wahh” out her hat because I’m certain Olivia thought Fitz kicked Mellie out for Liv’s sake. Nice try, Liv. But Liv has some petty in her blood stream because as revenge, Olivia tells Mellie that her father is the one who orchestrated the death of Jerry. Reason number three.

FullSizeRender (7)

The winner of the night is Mellie Grant who has officially gained all my respect. Her read of Fitz deserves a TONY, an Oscar, a Pulitzer, all the awards, she needs them. I was 158 percent here for her reading Fitz to filth and kicking him off his political high horse with a pointy-toe heel. Clearly, dating a black woman went to his head and he’s so wrapped up with melanin that he forgot the suffering and pain Mellie went through to advance HIS political career. She could have lived without him. Instead, she lived to make him. Humble yourself, Fitz.

Although I said I would never say this, I am now on #TeamMellie. Don’t mention me on Twitter.

See y’all next week.

One thought on “Scandal Review: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

  1. I thought I was the only one who was getting tired of Olivia. It seems like everything has to be her way or no way. I also feel bad for Mellie. It’s just crazy how Fitz will throw her aside for Olivia even though they have been together for 20 years!!!

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