HTGAWM Recap: Two Birds, One Millstone


Hold up…wait a minute! Did that really just happen? was all I could think while watching episode six of How to Get Away with Murder. We’re officially in the final stretch of the fall season and two episodes away from knowing who shot Annalise.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

But let’s stay on subject, this episode was filled with some definite “What in the world?” moments and my head is still spinning.

Annalise is being rushed into surgery and out of the shadows comes Frank acting all hysterical, and just as I bring out my box of tissues, he exits the hospital cool as a cucumber. He was just putting on a show for the security cameras and when he gets into his car Catherine’s dead body is in the backseat.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

We go back in time to two weeks prior and the secrets are starting to suffocate everyone. Wes WILL NOT let go of his theory that Annalise killed Rebecca. At this point we are all sort of over Wes and his paranoia. He has no idea what he’s up against and should just have several seats.

But like I said, Wes won’t let it go and the students are at odds. By students, I mean Michaela. Girlfriend is mad as hell that Wes knew who Levi was and even though that was messed up, let’s be honest, we all liked her a lot better when she was getting some. At least then she wasn’t making googoo eyes at Caleb. I know they share being adopted but IT’S WEIRD!

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Speaking of the wild thing, Laurel and Frank are still training for the sex Olympics and turning into one of the more “normal” couples. By the end of the episode, Frank pulls the ultimate boyfriend move and brings Laurel home to meet the family.

I will never be able to decide how I feel about him. One minute he’s introducing Laurel to his big, loud family and then he’s burying Rebecca’s body in the woods. He’s the character I love to hate and hate to love.

Asher was also pulling on my heartstrings this episode. He’s trying to protect Bonnie and in the process burns bridges with his father and the ever-vindictive Prosecutor Sinclair. I actually felt sorry for him until Prosecutor Sinclair dropped the bomb that the mysterious Tiffany had been sexually assaulted and Asher was involved somehow.

But Nate really had me tearing up because not only did his wife Nina die. but he helped her end her life.

Source: Google Images

Annalise tries to reach out to him with a cobbler in hand but he rejects both her sympathy and her cobbler. Couple that with the murder case of a transgender woman who kills her abusive husband and the ever paranoid Wes, Annalise had her hands full. Ever the magician, Annalise was still able to get her case dismissed and convince Wes to back off…for now.

While the transgender case was the focus, the Hapstall case was also on-going and the team was looking for a possible third suspect. As it turns out the aunt had a secret baby who could possibly be the killer.

Yet the big OMG moment of the night was seeing Frank put Catherine Hapstall’s body in the woods, it being discovered by the police and HER WAKING UP!!

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

How to Get Away with Murder continues to make me doubt the detective in me. Every time I have a theory, it’s completely destroyed by the end credits.

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