HTGAWM Recap: I Want You to Die


I.CAN’T.TAKE.THIS. The latest episode of How to Get Away With Murder was filled with one BIG shocker and I’m still trying to let it register. The finish line is in sight and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Episode 7 I Want You to Die started out slow but built in suspense, reaching an ultimate showdown between Annalise and Bonnie. Bonnie is no longer Annalise’s puppy dog.

But let’s start from the beginning. Annalise and the squad have found the missing baby in the Hapstall case. A loner, computer gamer named Phillip but what they don’t know is Phillip has been watching them this whole time.

To complicate things further, Oliver decides he wants to join team Keating, against Connor’s intense objections. In his attempt to make a good impression, Oliver sets up a date with Phillip. Annalise pulls the plug but its too late and Phillip ends up cornering Oliver in his apartment. At this point, I’m screaming like a maniac because Oliver is the only decent person on this show and I’m going to be really upset if something happens to him.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Speaking of which, Eve was also suiting up for team Keating. It seems like Prosecutor Sinclair will NOT let go of her vendetta against Annalise and again goes after Nate. This time she attempting to prove he killed his wife, Nina. Annalise tries to tell Prosecutor Sinclair that she ain’t bout this life but of course she tries to play hard. Eve, who might, might be as slick as Annalise in the courtroom, gets the charges dismissed against Nate for the second time. Annalise 2, Prosecutor Sinclair 1.

She gets one point for spilling the beans about what happen at Asher’s lake house, causing a huge rift between him and Bonnie. In her eyes, Asher is a bystander who should have stood up for Tiffany after she was assault at his house party. As Asher tries to get back in her good graces, he inadvertently let’s slip his knowledge of her painful past and Bonnie sets her sights on Annalise.

But before the blow up between those two, Annalise shares a moment with Eve and delivers the WTF moment of the night. Up until this point we thought Wes’s mother had committed suicide but when Annalise says to Eve “It’s him”, we can only assume that Wes is her son. I’ll pause here to give you a moment…

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

It all makes sense now. The awkward chemistry they have, why she’s so invested in him, why she wants to protect him.

And before I can absorb that, Bonnie confronts Annalise and is the second person to tell her she is incapable of love. She feels betrayed by her and even though SHE MURDERED REBECCA thinks what Annalise did to clean up her mess is unforgivable.

I don’t know what these people want from Annalise but if I were her I would be on my way to Paris right now.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

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