HTGAWM Recap: Hello, Phillip


OLIVER’S OKAY!!! Phew, now that we got that out of the way, the latest episode of How to Get Away With Murder was a nice pregame to next week’s winter finale. The groundwork has been laid and we will FINALLY know who shot Annalise.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

We start this episode exactly where we left off last week. Frank and Laurel are arguing because she snitched to Annalise about the Phillip blind date. The constant back and forth between these two is exhausting. Frank calls Laurel a MAP, a.k.a a Mexican-American Princess, and Laurel calls Frank a low-class crybaby.

While those two go at it, Connor discovers that Ollie is missing and completely loses his mind in the most loving way. Connor has really pulled a 360 from the playboy bachelor he was last season…I’m so proud. But while Connor is panicking and everyone else is trying to calm him down, Oliver walks straight into Annalise’s house with Phillip, ending one crisis and starting another.

Annalise tries to level with Phillip, who is playing innocent. But we all know there is something there. Her bargaining does not work and now Phillip is added to the list of people constantly causing problems for Annalise. Problem child number one remains Prosecutor Sinclair, who is STILL trying to out maneuver Annalise.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Prosecutor Sinclair thought she was slick and wire tapped Annalise’s house with a listening device in a pen. She gets points for effort and creativity but Annalise is still the undefeated champ. Asher gets honorable mention for figuring out what Sinclair was up to and finding the bug in the pen. Annalise then used it to make Sinclair look dumb while she was trying to coerce the Hapstall siblings into making a deal.

Speaking of dumb, those two were really trying their hardest to go to jail and I do not understand it. Do they not realize they have the Michael Jordan of lawyers on their side? Both Caleb and Catherine try to accept a plea deal from Sinclair and Catherine almost succeeds.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

It gets down to the wire and Frank, Mr. Untouchable, comes in to save the day with DNA results that prove Phillip is a 100% a Hapstall and was at the crime scene. It turns out Phillip is the product of the Hapstall father and his sister…eww.

With Sinclair defeated, the couples of HTGAWM celebrate the best way they know how…sex. Laurel and Frank finally make up and Connor shows Oliver how in love with him he is. Michaela basically asks Caleb, “Do you like me or nah?” and they end up in bed together. And lastly Nate, who had been helping Annalise through this whole ordeal with Phillip, decides he can forgive Annalise for what she did, at least for now.

Unfortunately, the love fest is cut short when Wes connects Catherine to Phillip, and Caleb shows Michaela where the murder weapon is. Catherine paints and Wes recognized one of her paintings in a photo of Phillip. Caleb says he found the gun a few days after the murder and thinks that maybe Catherine did kill their parents. The episode ends with Catherine and Phillip meeting up.

This is all way too complicated and it is starting to make my head hurt. So I’m just going to sit here, wait for the winter finale and hope I survive.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

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