Community Roots hosts “Know Your Roots” Cultural Showcase


Community Roots hosted its third annual “Know Your Roots” event Nov. 12. Packed with dance performances, live music and poetry, it was definitely an occasion you did not want to miss.

The lineup showcased a variety of art from culturally driven clubs on campus: Afrochique, Avirah, the Maryland Latin Dance Club, Ethnobeat, Vagina Monologues and the Hip Hop Orchestra.

Latin Dance Club (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)
Latin Dance Club (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)

Senior studio arts major Frank Abbott, who live-painted a piece during the event, said he was inspired by the skin tones and cultures represented not only in the performances, but in audience members as well.

Painter Frank Abbott's event-inspired artwork.
Painter Frank Abbott’s event-inspired artwork.

As dinner was served, those in attendance were encouraged by executive board members to introduce themselves to people they did not know, share cultural experiences and tweet selfies with new friends throughout the event under the hashtag #KYR15.

Community Roots, a club that started out tutoring at local schools, has transformed into a student activist organization that aims to help students make sense of their world by getting to the root of themselves and their communities.

Cathryn Paul, senior African American studies major and service chair of Community Roots, says the mission of Community Roots and the Know Your Roots event is “to unite different ethnic groups for one voice for change.”

Afrochique. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)
Afrochique. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)

During their General Body Meetings (GBMs) this month, which they deem Political Action Month, members of Community Roots will spend time getting to know presidential candidates and their platforms in order to be better informed before upcoming elections.

I left Know Your Roots with really good vibes and intentions of attending the next GBM this Thursday, November 19 at 7p.m. in Tydings Hall.

Ethnobeat. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)
Avirah. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)


Vagina Monologues. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)
Vagina Monologues. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)
Hip Hop Orchestra. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)
Hip Hop Orchestra. (India Hamilton/Pulsefeedz)

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