HTGAWM Winter Finale Recap: What Did We Do?


Breathe…just breathe…is what I kept telling myself during the winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder.

That didn’t work at ALL but at least we know who shot Annalise.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

So Wes completely lost his mind and shot Annalise, only after she pushed him over the edge, telling him him the truth about Rebecca. All at once the events from this season came to a head and Annalise ran out of tricks trying to fix the twisted situation.

But lets start from the beginning. Michaela calls Connor over to the Hapstall mansion to help her decide what to do with the gun. Connor doesn’t want any parts of it and Michaela’s only intention is to protect Caleb. They’re still trying to figure out what to do when Catherine walks in and then apparently makes a run for it.

Annalise finds out about Catherine and makes Caleb choose between Catherine and himself. Annalise can’t defend them both and now that they have the murder weapon, Caleb can’t keep trying to protect his sister.

While all that drama is going on, Prosecutor Sinclair is STILL trying to get to Annalise. She goes after Nate for the third time, attempting to prove he altered Philip’s police record. When she brings up his wife to provoke him, I was ready to slap her myself.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Then Bonnie pops up out of nowhere to tell Asher his father committed suicide. Judge Millstone was being investigated as a trade off between Annalise and the DA. Asher is devastated which is only multiplied when his mother blames him for the judge’s death. Even though Asher is a pain in the butt, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

He runs into Sinclair in the parking garage, who says Judge Millstone got what he deserved. That was the last straw for Asher and he runs her over with his car. I can’t say I was that upset about it.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

But her death does cause a much bigger issue: Sinclair had tried to bury the hatchet with Nate but because he had been in her car, his DNA is in her car and now that she’s dead, that’s three strikes against Nate.

Annalise knows this and won’t use him as the scapegoat to protect one of her students again. So the plan then becomes to frame Catherine for Sinclair’s murder and turn the Hapstall mansion into a chaotic crime scene.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

At this point Annalise is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and so am I. The students refuse to help her but after Annalise tells Asher they killed Sam and that everything that has followed is their fault, they get on board.

Laurel and Michaela wipe down the car, Bonnie and Asher drop Sinclair’s body off the roof, Frank finds and drugs Catherine, and now for the piéce de résistance: someone has to shoot Annalise. She begs each one of her students to shoot her. I hold my breath and try not to scream as each one contemplates the hell they’ve been through working for her.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Connor, Laurel and Michaela refuse and so does Wes until Annalise tells him about Rebecca but instead of shooting her in the leg, he aims for her stomach and then her head. At this point, I am full out screaming at the television and my roommate is looking at me like I’m crazy when Annalise starts saying the name Christoph over and over.

Wes then flashes back to the day his mother died and Christoph is apparently his government name. As the police are questioning him, you see a young Annalise and Eve watch from the other side of the glass. WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO?

I was not built for all this drama and I’m not 100% sure I’ll watch when it comes back in February but like every other HTGAWM addict, I’ll cave because I have to know what happens next.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

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