Multiple Tragedies Occurred the Day of the Paris Attacks


On the night of Friday, Nov. 13, multiple coordinated attacks occurred in Paris. There were hostages at a concert, suicide bombers near the local soccer stadium and mass shootings at restaurants. However, the Paris attacks overshadowed many other events that occurred on that Friday, and the day before, as well.

In Baghdad there was a funeral bombing the same day of the Paris attacks. It killed at least 18 people and injured 41 others. The funeral was for a pro-government Shi’ite Muslim Fighter, part of the Hashid Shaabi group that helps to fight against the Islamic State, who claimed the attack as one of their own.

Baghdad, Courtesy of Al Jazeera

An earthquake also occurred on Friday in Japan. The magnitude was around 7.0 and the earthquake hit northwest of the Ryukyu Islands. There was no immediate tsunami danger, according to the National Tsunami Warning Center. As of now there are no reports of any deaths related to the earthquake, even though the epicenter was around 90 miles off of the coast from Makurazaki.

There was a second earthquake that day in Mexico. It occurred in Baja California at 9:17 a.m. PT and was calculated to be a 4.3 magnitude earthquake. There were no reported injuries or deaths due to this event.

The day before the attacks in Paris, the city of Beirut, located in Lebanon, encountered a double suicide bombing. 43 people died. However, the media did not cover this event, in favor of reporting on the better known Paris attacks. Facebook did not offer a temporary profile picture change to the Lebanese Flag like it did with France’s flag. Unlike with France, the outpouring of support did not come even though this attack occurred before the Paris attacks.

Beirut, Courtesy of The New York Times

This is similar to a school shooting that occurred in Kenya in April. It wasn’t covered that much at the time, but has since gone viral after the Paris attacks. The attack was against Garissa University by the terrorist group al-Shabab. 147 people, mostly students, died at the hands of the five shooters who organized the attack. 49 were also injured, but 500 students did manage to escape. The university was guarded by only two security guards at the time, both of whom died in the attack. The shooters were targeting Christians specifically.

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