Glitter Beards Flood Instagram as Latest Man Trend


Hold on to those Movember manes for a little longer gentleman, because #glitterbeard is running rapid on social media.

First came the “beardstache,” then the “man bun” and now the glitter beard joins our elite list of hunky grooming trends gone viral. Coined by social media duo the Gay Beards, who decorate their beards with ornaments, flowers and paint, the glitter beard literally consists of just two things: facial fuzz and a whole lot of sparkle.

This week alone, the trend instantly became a popular Instagram and Twitter hashtag as plenty of men jumped on the bandwagon, posting merry photos of their bushy bristles.

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While origins of the trend are a bit obscure, some people consider it a seasonal practice fit for holiday festivities right around the corner. For others, glitter beards are a symbolic gesture towards a little acknowledged “menimist” movement.

According to a recent op-ed from Out Magazine, writer Brett Edward Stout expressed disappointment in the fact that people commonly mistake glitter beards for a foolish craze when in actuality, the look modestly works to challenge humanity’s traditional definitions of masculinity.

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“Our construct of American masculinity sits atop a pedestal…many of us have embraced beardedness as an outward expression of manhood and, in certain ways, even patriotism,” Stout vents. “In a culture where perceived masculinity is the manifestation of maleness, some of us have decided to subvert this image by decorating our beards in a decidedly un-masculine way.”

And the glitter beard is not the only decorated hair specimen looking to make a statement. “Glitter pits,” a feminist beauty trend in which women glitter and sometimes dye unkempt armpit hair is also hitting social media hard.

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Yes, women across the country are skimping out on those pesky razorblades and growing out their underarm hair instead, then glittering it in efforts to celebrate naturalness and counteract the notion that women have to constantly groom themselves in order to be desirable.

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Whether it is on your face, under your arms, between your eyes or anywhere else, festive furriness is proving to be a custom capable of pushing boundaries, or at the very least, quirkily saying goodbye to No-Shave November and hello to the Christmas countdown.

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