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Are You Ready for ‘Empire’ Season 2? The Lyons Are Back To Play!


It’s almost time to head back into the Lyon’s Den as FOX’s hit show Empire returns for its’ much anticipated second season.

After scoring the award for the highest season finale rating in nearly a decade with 21.1 million viewers, there’s no reason not to get excited about the upcoming season. Due to it’s huge success last time around, FOX has given the show 18 episodes.

Show-runner Ilene Chaiken recently spoke to various press outlets about the really great opportunities the show’s producers have been granted with season 2.

Courtesy, FOX
Courtesy: FOX

“Fox gave us this really great schedule and plan for unveiling the show. Two pods—10 episodes in the fall and eight in the spring, with a hiatus in between. Nothing is different. We’re able to devote as much time and attention to each episode as we did in the first season. We’ll get a little bit of a break in between to catch our breath, writers and actors, and the show will be every bit as good.”

When the show returns on September 23rd, three months will have elapsed since the arrest of Lucious Lyon. There will be tons of twist and turns that will make will make fans of the show leave wanting more each week.

Lots of guest stars are expected to appear including Chris Rock, Pitbull and Ludacris. There have been talks about Mariah Carey, Oprah and Denzel Washington guest starring as well.

EMPIRE: Guest star Bre-Z as Freda in the “Fires Of Heaven” episode of EMPIRE airing Wednesday, Oct. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Chuck Hodes/FOX.
EMPIRE: Guest star Bre-Z as Freda in the “Fires Of Heaven” episode of EMPIRE airing Wednesday, Oct. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Chuck Hodes/FOX.

A new character played by actress Bre-Z will also be introduced. Freda Gatz is described as a “baby-faced emcee,” according to Billboard. Gatz has won more rap battles than the best male vets on her block. She’s moody, outspoken and a force to be reckoned with.

Last season, director Lee Daniels had viewers talking when character Jamal Lyon revealed he was gay. It was a challenging conversation for the Lyons to face especially considering the stigmas that come with being gay in the hip-hop industry. This season will be no different as Daniels says he wants to continue to push the envelope for broadcast television. Breakout star Taraji P. Henson, who plays Cookie, seems to agree with Daniels’ sentiment.

“Primetime television has been safe for so long and I think that’s why Empire has had the impact that it has had—because it’s almost the cable formula. We’re just not using the words. We can’t say certain words, but Cookie can certainly say it with a look. And you know what she means.”

The music will be better than ever with Timbaland returning as a musical producer. R&B star Ne-Yo has also been added as the show’s songwriter for all the new songs that will be heard throughout the season and on the soundtrack.

You can watch the trailer for season two below, and don’t forget to catch the season premiere on September 23rd.

We’ll have more on Empire‘s upcoming season debut on Friday! Stay tuned!

SU Students Celebrate Gullfest


Salisbury University hosted it’s annual Gullfest concert on Sunday, featuring headliners Jessie J., MKTO and Mac Miller.

Kicking off the concert was pop-musical duo MKTO, the artists featured vocals from Tony Oller and rapping from Malcolm Kelly. They sang a variety of songs from their debut album such as their major hits “Classic” and “American Dream,” they also sang new songs from their upcoming album.

“I really enjoyed listening to MKTO,” said junior, Brittany Daniels, “I didn’t really know too much of their music before the concert, but now I want to go download their entire album.”

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Salisbury Seagulls Celebrate Another Successful Relay for Life


“Fight back and make a change” are the words many students kept in their minds during Salisbury University’s Relay for Life event Friday.

Relay for Life is an organized, overnight community fundraising walk in support of the American Cancer Society, which funds cancer research. Thousands of students at Salisbury stayed awake for 12 hours in support of this cause, raising a grand total of $107,151.56.

“Relay for Life is one of the biggest events of the year for SU,” said senior Katie Burke. “It’s a time where we can come together as a school and honor the lives lost and the ones who’ve survived from this horrible disease called cancer.” Continue reading Salisbury Seagulls Celebrate Another Successful Relay for Life

Taco Bell Set To Try Delivery Option


Food delivery is a million dollar business and a popular fast food chain plans on trying their hand at it this year.

Taco Bell announced this week that they are seriously considering getting into the delivery game by the end of the year. CEO, Brian Niccol sat down with USA Today to discuss the logistics of this possible service.

“We are positioning ourselves for clock-less eating,” said CEO Brian Niccol. “Technology is changing the way people interact with restaurants and retail.”

Niccol said that the company has to appeal to the taste and spirit of millennials, who want access to anything they want, when they want.

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Salisbury University Kicks Off Stop Hatin’ Week


Students at Salisbury University will embark on a journey to end bullying this week as the Student Government Association presents their annual Stop Hatin’ Week.

Stop Hatin’ Week is filled with events carefully planned by the SGA. These events celebrate and highlight the importance of campus diversity.

The first event was the “Love is Louder” campaign. Students were challenged to come unnamed (1)to the Fireside Lounge and fill in the blanks that said, “Love is louder than _________” and “I stop hatin’ because _________.” They then had their photo taken with their written message.

The campaign was started by the Jed Foundation, MTV and Brittany Snow to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood and alone. Individuals, communities, schools and organizations have embraced “Love is Louder” as a way to address issues like bullying, negative self-image, discrimination, loneliness and depression. Continue reading Salisbury University Kicks Off Stop Hatin’ Week

Fashion Police Hosts Want Giuliana Fired After Zendaya Comments


The hosts of E!’s Fashion Police aren’t known for being the nicest bunch, but after Giuliana Rancic’s controversial remarks towards actress-singer Zendaya Coleman, the backlash has become so bad that her co-hosts want her fired!

According to a source that spoke to Radar Online, the entire cast of Fashion Police is done with Giuliana and hope that she will not only be kicked off the show, but off of E! entirely.

Her Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne took to her twitter on Tuesday afternoon to reveal that she was disgraced by the comments, and confirmed that she’s considering leaving the show. Continue reading Fashion Police Hosts Want Giuliana Fired After Zendaya Comments

Zendaya Fires Back At Giuliana Rancic!


Fashion is the highlight of awards season as every celebrity fights to win the title of “Best Dressed.” Singer and Disney Channel star Zendaya, slammed Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic following controversial comments made about her look during the Academy Awards.

Zendaya hit the red carpet on Sunday rocking long, flowing dreadlocks! Most fans considered the bold look to be one of the highlights of the Oscars red carpet but E!’s Giuliana Rancic thought otherwise.

On Monday’s Fashion Police, Giuliana made a comment concerning Zendaya’s look:

 “I feel that she smelled like patchouli oil…or weed,” said Rancic.

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OITNB Star Receives An Early Release


The hit Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black is gearing up for the premiere of its third season but one of the stars has been given an early release.

Jason Biggs, who plays Larry Bloom, the fiance’ to Piper (Taylor Schilling) and one of the few male roles on the show announced that he would not be starring in the upcoming third season.


Biggs told the New York’s Daily News that the show does not focus on Larry in season three, but there is always a chance that he could come back.

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The Houston’s Vs. The Brown’s


Talk about family feud, the hospital room of Bobby Kristina Brown has become a battleground between her parent’s families.

The 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston remains in a medically induced coma and on life support. Emotions and tension are running high between her mother and father’s family members.

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Tyga Addresses Kylie Jenner Rumors


The Kardashian-Jenner girls are known for keeping themselves in the spotlight and the youngest Jenner, Kylie, has been the talk of many rumors lately. Kylie Jenner, Tyga

The 17-year-old has been rumored to be dating 25-year-old rapper Tyga for months. Tyga is now setting the record straight about his current relationship with the famous teen.

During a Power 105 Breakfast Club interview, the rapper repeatedly denied the rumors. He also addressed his alleged rumor with Drake.

“I’m not dating Kylie, I just want to get that out of the way,” the 25-year-old proclaimed. “I want to be clear to everybody that I didn’t leave my family to be with Kylie. That’s ridiculous. Me and Blac Chyna, we broke up almost close to a year ago now, because of the decision we made, and things in our relationship that weren’t going right, [so we] decided to split to raise an emotionally stable kid.”

Tyga also said that Jenner was a beautiful young woman whose mentality and maturity is different from a lot of people.

When asked about his relationship with Drake, who slammed him and his speculated relationship on his newly released album, Tyga said he had a very good reason for throwing shade.

“It’s not really a beef. It’s just experiences that I’ve had with him, phone calls and stuff,” he explained.

“I feel like he’s a nice guy on the outside, but, he’s not genuine. He plays people left and right. That’s just my opinion and I’m entitled to have my own opinion. At the end of the day, what I said in the interview was how I felt at that moment.”

You can watch the full interview below.