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Return of the Rock: Maryland Terrapins Season Preview


Terps fans rejoice!

The 2015-2016 season began last night, eight months after the bitter exit from the NCAA tournament at the hands of rival West Virginia. Since then, the Terps lost their heart and soul forward Dez Wells, along with fellow big men Jonathan Graham and Evan Smotrycz and guard Richaud Pack.

Dion Wiley also injured his knee in the exhibition game and will miss four months of the season. How could the Terps replace all that? They bring in Top-10 recruit Diamond Stone, former Duke wing Rasheed Sulaimon and get Robert Carter Jr, who had to sit out last season after transferring to College Park, eligible. Add in year two for Melo Trimble, Jared Nickens and Michal Cekovsky and the Terps begin the year ranked 3 in the polls. The last time the Terps were ranked in the top three at the start of the season,they won a national title. If the Terps want to bring the title back to College Park, there are a few games during the season they have to win.

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NFL Week 8 Fantasy Winners and Losers



Week 8 in the NFL was possibly one of the craziest weeks I have ever seen in my life. There were injuries on a scale we have not seen in a long time. Franchise players were dropping left and right. Offenses tallied insane amounts of yardage and points as defenses seemed to have forgotten how to play. Still perfect on the year, my team avoided the injury bug this week. There are a lot of moves that need to be made if you lose a key player and need a replacement, starting with these winners and losers:

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Survive and advance. That is all my team seems to do. Seven wins is a decent season. Seven wins in seven weeks is a great start, although, normally first place is a curse in our league. The season is in its most critical part: if you want any shot of making the playoffs, you need to win your next three games. That only happens if you know who is a Week 7 winner and loser.


NFL Week 6 Fantasy Winners and Losers


Six straight wins is a great way to start your 2015 Fantasy football season. Anyone who has a record of 4-2 or better is in a comfortable position. All the people 3-3 and below should definitely be reading my weekly winners and losers. Whether you want to or not, all borderline records need to make some big moves, which means taking big risks in order to save their season. Here are the Week 6 winners and losers.


Winner- Matthew Stafford (DET)- 54 points


When you bench a star player, normally they respond with a great game the following week. Well great doesn’t begin to describe what Stafford did to the Bears “Defense.” Stafford eclipsed the 300 and 400 yard mark for the first time this season. He also threw for four touchdowns and only one interception. Stafford led the Lions to their first win of the season. While the playoffs are out of the picture, an 8-8 year is certainly reasonable. Don’t get me wrong, Stafford is still a feast or famine fantasy option, but Sunday proved that the feasting bordered on gluttony. He is still available in more than 20 percent of Fox Sports leagues and might be available in your league. Pick him up as a backup if you can. Minnesota is a tricky play because their secondary is so talented, but not every offense has a Megatron to throw to.

Loser- Mike Vick (PIT)- 5 points


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Five weeks in, I am sitting at a perfect 5-0. My great start has come with some serious consequences. Jamaal Charles, my number 1 pick is now out for the years with a torn ACL. That now makes the remainder of my season significantly harder, but not impossible. You cannot win your season during the draft. Real champions are made in free agency after they read my Week 5 winners and losers. Continue reading NFL WEEK 5 FANTASY WINNERS AND LOSERS

NFL Week 4 Fantasy Winners and Losers


Sorry for not having a post on Week 3. I had some rather unfortunate business that I had to take care of. Now that I am back in the swing of things, it is nice to see my team sitting at 4-0 and in first place. First place in our league is always a curse, but for now I’ll take it. Regarding football, the Miami Dolphins are now down one head coach. It has been a rough start for a team many expected to challenge the Patriots for the division. If your fantasy team is off to a rough start (and you haven’t been fired as coach yet), then check out who will help you keep your job and who will have you looking for one. Continue reading NFL Week 4 Fantasy Winners and Losers



Two weeks played; two wins under my belt. Week 2 was not as pretty as Week 1, but I still managed to put up 106 points. I am one of three 2-0 teams in our league, along with the Commissioner and my father. It is only two weeks in, but the season is already shaping up to be one of tight contests and heartbreaking losses. There is still a lot of season to go, but those sitting at 0-2 should look at this week’s winners and losers and make some roster changes. Continue reading FANTASY FOOTBALL WINNERS AND LOSERS: WEEK 2

Fantasy Football Winners and Losers: Week 1


At last, fantasy football has completed Week 1 of the NFL regular season. It has been a long offseason of scandals, retirements, draft picks, free agency, rule changes and just about anything else you could imagine. Now it is back to what matters: football.

Just like last season, I am here to help guide fantasy novices and experts alike in making smart, informed decisions on how to win your league. It is only the first week of the season and certain players and teams have already played themselves out of Super Bowl contention. I cannot guarantee that reading my recaps will guarantee a championship, but it would be exceptionally difficult to win without these articles. Without further delay, here are the 2015 Week 1 winners and losers. Continue reading Fantasy Football Winners and Losers: Week 1

Dancing with the Conferences: Big Ten Edition


It is finally here. Over the past week, we’ve seen five great articles, each one breaking down one of the major six conferences. If you have been paying attention, then you will notice the only conference left is the Big Ten. For all the Maryland fans, there will be a reason to celebrate as the Terrapins will be in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2010. There will be more about the Terrapins later in this article. Don’t forget about the other 13 teams in the Big Ten conference.

At the top of the conference, Wisconsin and Michigan State finished first and third respectively in the conference. Both teams were expected to be near the top, with Michigan State winning six of its last eight games. Iowa and Ohio State are also sitting comfortably as of now. Three teams are sitting on the bubble, hoping to use the conference tournament will propel them into the safety zone. Unfortunately, Northwestern will need to win the entire conference tournament in order to make the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history. The conference is vying for the recognition as the best conference in college basketball, a distinction that will not come easy. These teams will have the most influence on how the puzzle of the bracket will be put together. Continue reading Dancing with the Conferences: Big Ten Edition

Dancing with the Conferences: Big East Edition


It may not be the Big East that ruled college basketball a couple of years ago, but the new Big East is back to playing good basketball. The conference went through a major realignment after the 2013 athletic season, with only seven members staying behind. It appears it only took the Big East two seasons to find its form as one of the premier basketball conferences. With three teams currently ranked in the top 25 and three others that have spent time in the rankings at some point, the Big East is quickly becoming a nightmare for coaches in the NCAA tournament.

Villanova had the conference wrapped up by the beginning of February, only losing two games the entire season. The rest of the conference have been playing “hot potato” for the second spot, with Georgetown currently holding that spot heading into the conference tournament. With six teams sitting pretty securely in the tournament, the Big East is now fighting for seeding rather than seeds. Big East teams are dangerous come March, with 15 combined Final Four appearances. These six teams are looking to add at least one more number to that total. Continue reading Dancing with the Conferences: Big East Edition