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A UMD Student’s One Day Internship at Reuters


Recently, I had the greatest opportunity through the University Career Center to partake in a mini-internship called “Intern for a Day.” And that is exactly what it was – an internship for a day.

Inside the Reuters office in D.C.
Inside the Reuters office in D.C.

8 other students and myself, all but one who hailed from the University of Maryland, were placed with international news agency, Reuters. Our day began at 8 a.m. in their D.C office, only a half hour ride on the Metro. We first gathered together for a 9 a.m. conference call with bureau heads from around the world.

Each news bureau discussed their top stories of the day while the eight interns simply watched from the other end of the conference table in awe. It felt almost imaginary that we were granted such access to their world. We sat alongside the department heads and following the conference call they turned their attention to what youth, like ourselves, felt about media. Continue reading A UMD Student’s One Day Internship at Reuters

What is Hillary Clinton Standing For This Go Around?


“Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion.”

Hillary Clinton announced her intentions with that line Sunday afternoon indicating she is now in the race for the 2016 presidential election. But who is Hillary Clinton aside from the former first lady to President Bill Clinton of the 90s and the infamous cheating scandal that follows the pair to this day?

Hillary Clinton while filming her 2016 presidential campaign announcement. Courtesy of

The two minute video announcement shows the 67-year-old focusing on middle class Americans and their desire to “do more than just get by” and instead “get ahead.” This middle class demographic includes a same-sex couple about to get married, a single mother, a college student looking for a job, and a business owner.

This time around, Clinton will rebrand herself. In her announcement video, her name is not uttered once, nor does she appear until more than a minute into the video. Clinton subliminally stipulates she will be standing on a platform with initiatives geared towards an equal distribution of wealth as well as same-sex marriage support. Continue reading What is Hillary Clinton Standing For This Go Around?

Dear Ratsie’s

Dear Ratsie’s,

It seems the time has befallen us. A moment University of Maryland students dating back to the 90’s have come to dread because if there was ever a pizzeria catered to college students, it is you. The more than 30 years of service you have bestowed to all who enter your seemingly dated walls knows no other than the merit of an institution.

You felt our devotion most during the late midnight hours as we trickled in, sometimes with some much needed support, after a night out on the streets of Route 1 getting into who remembers what. We were met with a line worth waiting for because although Baltimore Avenue is greedy with pizzerias, we cannot call ourselves a true Terp without having visited you.

You are a central meeting place to reunite before heading back home: “Yeah, I’ll meet you by Ratsie’s!” because everyone know where you are. There is no recollection of good times in College Park without the mentioning of an outing to Ratsie’s, especially if it included a fight or some PDA between two strangers that met eyes under your dreary lights. The employees knew you by name and your order.

I feel sorry for future Terps who will go on without the experience of going out to catch a calzone alongside some sketchy people, but all the while melting in the fact that you knew you were capitalizing on one of Maryland’s greats. There can be no other to replace how much of a symbol you mean to the university, its students and alumni. Yes, you don’t look quite the same as we remember during the daylight’s exposure, but still—you are Ratsie’s.

For the memories, for the food, and for an icon of our college experience we will miss you.

Sincerely yours,

UMD Terps


Battle on McKeldin Mall! #SnohForLoh

University of Maryland students having a snowball fight on McKeldin Mall.
University of Maryland students having a snowball fight on McKeldin Mall. (Jasmine Pelaez/Pulsefeedz)


It all started with the precious gift that President Loh granted the students of the University of Maryland: a snow day.

On Feburary 16, President Loh tweeted that Maryland’s campus would be closed today due to inclement weather. Students rejoiced at the news of their first snow day of the academic year and it wasn’t long before a Facebook event for a snowball fight was born, because is it even a snow day without a snowball fight?

2015-02-17 16.41.35

The Facebook event, “UMD Snowball Fight 2015,” was hosted by Kathryn Klett and senior philosophy major, Sam Elkind. Over 7,000 students were invited to the snowball fight on McKeldin Mall scheduled at 2 p.m., and a total of over 3,000 students committed to attending the festivities. Continue reading Battle on McKeldin Mall! #SnohForLoh

My First Play at CSPAC


Courtesy: The Clarice

I’d never been to any sort of show at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. I figured I’d go at some point in time during my four years here and my chance came this semester. My Engl289X class required that we attend a showing of Callidescope: Adventures in Pre- and Post-Racial America. The course itself centers on contemporary literature drawing on themes of oppression and memory. That is why it didn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the show we would become required to watch tied into both these themes. Though, what did come as a surprise is how much thought and emotion this play would provoke.

Callidescope shows the audience periods in American history that reverberated the oppression of not only African Americans but of Muslims, children and those who spoke against the majority. It was moving. It was jarring. It was real.

A specific scene that captured the attention of audience members intertwined child abuse, racism and infidelity all in one. A struggling African-American family looks to their patriarch as the source of income and stability. He has just been let go from his recent job and upon reading the newspaper, he notices a job advertisement. The job is strictly for woman but he convinces himself to dress as a woman.

The house in this production belongs to a white middle class family. As the play uncoils, the wife knows of her husband’s pattern of seducing the maid, the father has an obvious drinking problem and the child is left to witness it all.

Callidescope sheds light on historical violence and prejudice. There are scenes from Paul Robeson’s testimony before the House of Un-American Activities Committee and an incredibly powerful performance of James Baldwin’s speech at the West Indian Student Centre in London that close the show and ultimately sent audience members to their feet with roaring applause because it hit to the core of how culture and surrounding influences one’s identity.

“When you try to stand up and look the world in the face like you had a right to be here…without knowing that this is the result of if, you have attacked the entire power structure of the western world.” -James Baldwin.

Symposium on the Child Immigration Convenes at the University of Maryland


Rise Above Week came to a close Thursday night with the Symposium on Child Immigration Crisis event at McKeldin Library.

The Symposium on Child Immigration panel (Jasmine Pelaez/Pulsefeedz)

The symposium was lead by a distinguised panel of speakers, each with their own personal experience dealing with the issue of child immigration. These speakers included:

  • José Antonio Tijerino, president and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation
  • Kathryn M. Doan, executive director of Capital Area Immigrants Rights Coalition
  • Abel Núñez, executive director of CARECEN
  • Ana Sol Gutiérrez, Maryland House of Delegates member

The event was centered on highlighting the growing concern of child immigration, in which Doan noted that “a lot of the kids are coming to Maryland.”

Executive director of the Capital Area Immigration Rights Coalition, Kathryn M. Doan.

Doan gave an insightful outline of just what the CAIR Coalition does for child immigrants, of whom she prefers to call “refugees.”

Doan stated that a refugee in this country has limited options. Due to their lack of citizenship, they are left without council, and that is when CAIR steps in.

“These are children without choice,” Doan stated, “We have obligations as a civilized society to help.”

The following speakers spoke on the theme of humanitarian acts for the children that often turn to immigration, not for economic prosperity, but due to the overwhelming amount of violence in such countries.

Ninety-eight percent of cocaine passes through Honduras, Nunez noted, which more often than not creates the environment for gang activity.

“We need to rise above the anti-immigration sentiment,” he expressed.

Knotty Bits Sideshow Take on Hoff Theatre


A lively crowd gathered in Hoff Theatre Friday night during Stamp’s annual All Niter event where, for forty-minutes, they cajoled as the Knotty Bits sideshow took center stage.

The vaudeville era of sideshow acts was lead by duo Gwyd the Unusual and his quirky partner, Sylver Fyre. Audience members were entertained throughout by their playful banter and double entendre joke deliveries.

Beginning the set of stunts was fellow cast member, Sabrina, balancing atop two upside-down glasses and flexing her body into full splits and heel-stretches. Continue reading Knotty Bits Sideshow Take on Hoff Theatre

VegFest 2014

Courtesy: VeganRVA


I didn’t want to get up at all. It’s nine o’clock in the morning and if you’re up at that hour on a Saturday morning you must loathe sleep. I for one do not but I still fight through the feeling of fatigue namely because my best friend, Taylor, is urging me to get up and get ready. I quickly steady myself up and get over the temptation for sleeping in because we’re off to the D.C. VegFest!

The D.C. VegFest was held in the parking lot adjacent to Nationals Park on the most radiant Saturday. I’d never been to this festival but I was quickly convinced by Taylor and a couple of other fellow vegetarian friends saying that it would certainly be worth the mildly long Metro ride. And it was. Continue reading VegFest 2014