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First Look Fair Find: The Pulsera Project

Courtesy: Knoxville Christian School


A club that is on the rise and that was booming at the First Look Fair is The Pulsera Project.

The Pulsera Project was brought on campus by Alexandra Currell, a junior at the University of Maryland. She got the idea from her cousin who was doing The Pulsera Project at the College of Charleston.

The Pulsera Project is a non-profit that works with organizations in Nicaragua and other nations to provide an income for the less fortunate in these countries. Members hand-make bracelets and then the organizations mail them to schools to sell. Each bracelet has the name and face of the exact person who made it, so when a person buys the bracelet they can see who exactly made it for them. All of the profits from bracelet sales go back to the organizations to give the people who made them an income. Continue reading First Look Fair Find: The Pulsera Project