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Return of the Rock: SEC Preview


The story line in the SEC remains the same: Kentucky, and then everyone else. The Wildcats reloaded after last year’s 38-1 season and are once again national title contenders. Everyone is chasing John Calipari, but the gap may close in the next few years. Many teams in the conference have made a splash with their coaching hires, showing that they’re serious about taking college basketball to the next level. This is still a football conference, but SEC basketball is slowly on the rise. Here is my preview for this year, with last year’s record in parentheses.

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Return of the Rock: Big 12 Preview


Just like the ACC, the Big 12 has gone through some upheaval recently. In 2011 Colorado and Nebraska left to join the Pac-12 and Big 10 respectively, and just a year later Texas A&M and Missouri both left to join the SEC. Colorado and Nebraska didn’t add a lot to the conference in terms of basketball, but Texas A&M and Missouri added depth to the conference. West Virginia and TCU joined in 2012, and the Mountaineers added a solid basketball tradition. Last year the conference sent seven teams to the NCAA Tournament, with three contenders bowing out early (I’m looking at you Baylor, Iowa State, and Kansas) and two making the Sweet Sixteen. This year looks to be another strong year for the conference, and the top three teams have Final Four potential. As always, here are my expectations, with last year’s record in parentheses. Also make sure you check out my previews of the ACC and Big East. Continue reading Return of the Rock: Big 12 Preview

Return of the Rock: Pac-12 Preview


Since Sean Miller took the Arizona head coaching job in 2009, the narrative of the Pac-12 season has been the same. Miller and the Wildcats have dominated the conference the past two seasons, and have had top 4 conference finishes four of the past five years. His teams have been a high point in what has been a disappointing stretch for the conference. Last season the Pac-12 sent just four teams to the NCAA Tournament, and its reputation as a premiere basketball conference continued to fall. The conference lacks depth, with its cellar dwellers being some of the worst in a Power Five Conference. This year teams are still looking to chase Arizona, but the Wildcats aren’t the obvious choice to three-peat. Here are my predictions for how the conference shakes out, with last year’s records in parentheses.

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Return of the Rock: Big East Preview


After the breakup of the original Big East in 2013, fans wondered what would be left of the conference that changed college basketball. The conference retained classic basketball powers, but also added unproven mid-majors. It was not known whether the latter would add depth or wilt against stiffer competition. The identity of the new Big East remains to be decided, but it looks like it will remain nationally relevant. Last year the conference sent six teams to the NCAA Tournament, but only Xavier made it to the Sweet 16. Here’s the outlook for this season.  Continue reading Return of the Rock: Big East Preview

How To Prepare for a Half Marathon


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With my second half marathon approaching in six short weeks, I started thinking about two years ago when I decided to run my first half marathon and what motivated me to sign up. After I graduated from high school in 2012, my fitness level consisted of the occasional cardio workout, a Zumba class here or there and maybe a walk or jog outside. My fitness level was average at best.

If this sounds like you, I can assure you with time and dedication, you can accomplish any fitness goal you set your mind to, including a half marathon. Before diving in though, here are eights things to consider. Continue reading How To Prepare for a Half Marathon

11 Thoughts We All Had About The New Cast of Dancing With The Stars


ABC announced who the new contestants will be for the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday. While we couldn’t be more ready to watch another cycle of uncoordinated celebs try their hands at the rumba, here are a few reservations we had about the contenders. Continue reading 11 Thoughts We All Had About The New Cast of Dancing With The Stars

How to Be a Total Optimist this Valentine’s Day


Let’s just take a break from all the Debbie Downers who absolutely despise Valentine’s Day and think of how much fun it can be to watch all the love around you! Whether you are basking in the single life or cuffed to someone special, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to acknowledge the emotion to rival all emotions: L-O-V-E. So just in case you find yourself slowly evolving into a bitter shrew of a person, here’s how to stay positive this holiday.

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5 Tips for Acing Final Exams


College students, you just finished digesting your Thanksgiving meal, and now it’s almost time for finals! Time really does fly. But before you endure those dreadful two hours of test taking, here are five helpful hints to help you along the way:

1. Do not procrastinate.

I have vowed to study weeks before finals begin, but I always end up doing the opposite. So I understand the plight of the procrastinator. However, taking advantage of those moments to get a head start helps you remember the information better and understand it more. Also, it gives you the opportunity to ask your professor questions you might have in your review.


2. Indulge in ONE fun turnup.

If you complete Tip 1, then you really deserve to turnup before the exam! Partying for a few hours the weekend before finals gets you loosened up and stress free before you study. Of course, don’t party the night before your test, but turnup a good amount of time before.


3. Compose your own study packet.

At this stage, you should know what will possibly be on the test. So why not condense that information on one sheet so you can carry it around with you? Whenever you have the time to study, take it out. Whether you’re in the line at Chipotle or in traffic, this will all pass by really quickly as you’re studying with your handy-dandy packet.


4. Eliminate the stress and get some rest!

You won’t know the outcome of the test until after you take it, so what’s the point of stressing over an exam that hasn’t even started yet? Take a deep breath, exercise, or take a friend out for lunch. Relax and get some sleep. Of course, an eight-hour sleep sounds impossible so close to finals week, but making an effort to do so even if it’s just five hours, will work wonders.


5. Take the test with your best accessory.

This could be your favorite piece of jewelry, a pair of sunglasses, a cardigan, or anything. The point is that you feel great and confident while taking the test.

Good luck fellow classmates. You will be successful!


Top Five Halloween Themed Movies


For those excited for one of the first official holidays of the semester, the best possible way to prepare for Halloween is, of course, by watching the classics. A compiled list of praised movies with either Halloween themed or creepy undertones can lead perfectly into setting your mood for the holiday.


Ghostbusters (1984)

Celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary, Ghostbusters, is a must see due to that great 80s vibe. The movie stars Bill Murray as Dr. Venkman, a para-psychological professor, who sets on a path to research and catch ghosts with his team. It’s a classic that sets a precedent for maintaining a balance of humor and conflict, not to mention one of the most memorable end scenes. Bill Murray and other talented actors bring to life the idea of the supernatural and bridging the gap of disbelief through a fun plot line, bad CGI and a great cast. So, who are you going to call? I think you’ll find that answer. Continue reading Top Five Halloween Themed Movies

Why Everyone Can’t Stop Watching Scandal


By this time, it should be obvious to the world that Thursdays belong to Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of three ABC shows that have captured our hearts and our televisions.

ABC’s drama-driven Thursdays start with 25-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee, Grey’s Anatomy. The series is followed by Kerry Washington’s Scandal and ends with a new thrilling series, How to Get Away with Murder, starring Tony Award-winning actress Viola Davis.

But out of those three shows, there’s one that has our Twitter timelines rolling with live tweets every single Thursday night: SCANDAL.*cues opening credit camera shutters*


Olivia Pope and her Gladiators, also known as the members of Pope and Associates, have made us laugh, cry, scream, stress, and drink to no end over the past 3 seasons. So far, season 4 has proven to be no different. What non-Gladiators may want to know, though, is WHY viewers prefer to be curled up on a couch with a glass of red wine and our eyes glued to the weekly escapades of Liv, Huck, Fitz, and friends……and possibly, why they may or may not go into a complete rage if they are interrupted. Lucky for them, I MAY HAVE THE ANSWERS, SWAY. Continue reading Why Everyone Can’t Stop Watching Scandal