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5 Things You Should Know About New “The Daily Show” Host Trevor Noah


Earlier this week, Comedy Central announced that political jokester Trevor Noah will succeed current host Jon Stewart in late 2015, which many are pretty pumped about. But, for those who have no idea who this ambiguously tanned man in a suit is, here are five facts worth knowing about the entertainer.

1. He’s foreign: Don’t worry. He is NOT part of this weird 21st century pop culture British invasion America seems to be suffering from. Noah was actually born and raised in South Africa during apartheid when interracial relationships were illegal, which is pretty awkward considering his mother is a black South African and his father is Caucasian. As a result, Noah’s humor is primarily based upon global perceptions and ethnic material. Fun fact: this dude is crazy fluent in an absurd amount of languages including German, Japanese and Sotho…whatever that is.


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ABC Family Brings Back the Hilarious Hidden Camera Show, Freak Out


It’s back! ABC Family premiered the unscripted prank show Freak Out during 13 Nights of Halloween. Now, the series is back with a vengeance. The show debuts bigger scares and even bigger reactions.

In each episode, an unsuspecting person or ‘mark’ is faced with their worst fears. You’re probably wondering who would set someone up to face their fears, but the culprits are usually the ones they love the most — their friends and family. Every prank is specifically catered to turn a normal everyday situation into someone’s worst nightmare. Freak Out captures each scenario, starting from the planning of the prank, until the mark discovers their worst nightmare is nothing more than a joke. Trust me, their reactions are priceless!

What sets Freak Out apart from other prank shows, like TruTv’s Impractical Jokers, is the fear factor that Freak Out brings to television. Not only are unsuspecting marks put in funny and embarrassing situations, but they are also scared out of their minds. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a spooky twist?

Catch Freak Out at 8:30/7:30c Wednesdays on ABC Family!

Vh1 Premieres the Walk of Shame Shuttle


Just when you thought reality shows on VH1 could not get any crazier, a new series called Walk of Shame Shuttle debuted Wednesday night. The idea behind the show was introduced by former University of Michigan student, Kellyann Wargo.

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

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