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How Many Teams Are in the Big Ten?

Do you know how many teams play in the Big Ten Conference? Our good friends at The Left Bench went around the University of Maryland’s campus to ask students if they were aware.

Hint: No, there are not ten teams in the Big Ten. I know, it’s weird (long story).

How Hot Is Mark Turgeon’s Seat? (From The Left Bench)


Mark Turgeon’s University of Maryland coaching career has been very average. Compared to the Gary Williams era, Mark Turgeon’s coaching stint at the Comcast Center (Xfinity) has been very uneventful in terms of team success. Entering his fourth year, it seems like Turgeon’s Terps have been handed a reasonable expectation at the beginning of each season. However, every year it seems as if Turgeon falls one or two steps short of the goals.

This was supposed to be the year that Turgeon got over the hump.

This year, Turgeon was planning to have a top ten recruiting class while still keeping his core from the year before. With no one (expect John Auslander)  to leave, everything seemed fine within the organization.

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Then Nick Faust left…

then Roddy Peters…

then Shaq Cleare…

then Charles Mitchell..

then Seth Allen…

Yes Mark. They’re gone.

Courtesy: The Washington Post

The departures have increased the immediate pressure for the new recruits to succeed.

Then came the Trayvon Reed incident.

This season’s expectations have already dwindled, and the Terps haven’t even set foot on the court this season. This Maryland fanbase deserves better, but will it be in the form of a better Mark Turgeon? Or will this fan base get a little too agitated and try to find another coach?

Lets analyze why they should get rid of Turgeon.



An Early Look At Maryland’s Basketball Schedule

Courtesy: Zimbio


Maryland Football season is among us, but the school also released their inaugural Big Ten basketball schedule. After the roller coaster rides of the last couple of seasons, it is nearly impossible to not look and instantly analyze the schedule.

Here is the full schedule

The main theme for Terps basketball is change. This offseason, the Terps were eager to welcome a top recruiting class when the team was suddenly hit with the transfer bug.

To read more on the Terps schedule changes, check out our newest partner site, THE LEFT BENCH!

Transfer List

Seth Allen – Headed to Virginia Tech to become a true point guard

Nick Faust – Headed to Long Beach State

Roddy Peters – Headed to South Florida for playing time

Shaq Cleare – Headed to Texas

Charles Mitchell – Headed to Georgia Tech to stay closer to his grandmother.

Speaking of early departures Trayvon Reed, one of the recruits in the incoming class,was barred from the university for assaulting police and resisting arrest.

Think that’s crazy? The whole incident occurred over less than six dollars worth of candy.

I’m not kidding

Seth Allen is one of many players who have transferred. Courtesy:

Now for the bright side, Maryland still welcomes a dynamite recruiting class and the return of core players Dez Wells and Jake Layman. Since the end of the Gary Williams era, Turgeon’s Terrapins have garnered a reputation of a tournament talent team that comes up small in big moments. Turgeon is hoping for a tournament appearance this season, as his job may depend on it.

To read more on the Terps schedule changes, check out our newest partner site, THE LEFT BENCH!

To read more on the Terps schedule changes, check out our newest partner site, THE LEFT BENCH!