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Glitter Beards Flood Instagram as Latest Man Trend


Hold on to those Movember manes for a little longer gentleman, because #glitterbeard is running rapid on social media.

First came the “beardstache,” then the “man bun” and now the glitter beard joins our elite list of hunky grooming trends gone viral. Coined by social media duo the Gay Beards, who decorate their beards with ornaments, flowers and paint, the glitter beard literally consists of just two things: facial fuzz and a whole lot of sparkle.

This week alone, the trend instantly became a popular Instagram and Twitter hashtag as plenty of men jumped on the bandwagon, posting merry photos of their bushy bristles.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

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Street Art on Physics Building Brings UMD a Nasally Surprise


“Guess what it is,” they said.

“I don’t know, a boat?”

They flipped over the massive structure composed of wires, wood and paper mache.

It was a nearly 6-foot-tall nose.

Yes, you read that right. A nose.

And they were planning to hang it on an academic building, they explained.

For three weeks, the artists plotted and strategically organized the nasal exhibition.

And in the early hours of the morning on November 18, while the rest of the campus was asleep, the team of students put it up.

Source: file footage

The structure was only hung on the physics building for a few hours before it was taken down, but the street art was prominently featured for any passers-by who happened to look up.

Source: file footage

While the anonymous artists wouldn’t share their exact message, or even if there was a message, they did say that they wanted people to notice the seemingly random art.

They simply hoped the display would be “a delightful oddity for those who look up from their phones and at the world around them,” one contributor said.

If you didn’t get the chance to pass under the enormous nostrils on your way to class (or if you did and didn’t notice), here’s your chance to marvel at the exhibit. Enjoy.

Source: file footage


A Nuclear Scavenger Hunt: START uses students to test new radiation detecting technology

by Tristan Madden

On November 20, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, or START, hosted an unusual scavenger hunt, asking students to use specialized devices to map out hot spots of natural radiation on campus.

Students lined up in front of a table outside of STAMP to receive a device that, at first glance, looks like an every day smartphone. But this device, the Kromek D3S, doesn’t make calls or take pictures; it detects radiation.

Tristan Madden/ Pulsefeedz
Tristan Madden/ Pulsefeedz
The Kromek D3S Tristan Madden/ Pulsefeedz
The Kromek D3S
Tristan Madden/ Pulsefeedz


Students also received a sheet of paper with a series of cryptic clues written on it, each one directing them to a natural and benign source of radiation on campus. The goal for the scavenger hunt participants was to use the Kromek D3S to map out the natural radiation present across the University of Maryland campus, according to the proctor of the scavenger hunt Gary Ackerman. Students who managed to do this quickly and effectively won prizes such as IPads and Kindle Fire tablets.

But START, a research center at the University of Maryland sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, wasn’t simply letting students play around with expensive technology. The goal of the scavenger hunt was to test the efficacy of the Kromek. By putting it into the hands of a couple dozen students, START hoped to see how this brand new technology performed in the field.

Because of its primary function, one might assume the Kromek is like a Geiger counter, but that is not a fair comparison. Ackerman said, “If a Geiger counter is like one of those old bulky cell phones from the 90’s, the Kromek is a smart phone.”Ackerman explained that a Geiger counter can only detect very high levels of radiation, but the Kromek is capable of identifying even the most minute traces of radiation in a given area.

A Geiger counter Courtesy:
A Geiger counter

Michael Egnoto, the supervisor of the scavenger hunt, said that aside from evaluating new technology, mapping out this natural radiation helps START better understand how radiation is distributed around us, which he said has long term benefits for society.

“Long term, this helps us improve technologies that may be sensitive to certain types of radiation. Some electronics for instance, can become unreliable when around even naturally occurring levels of radiation.”

Exploring campus culture one bathroom at a time


When I say I am going to talk about campus culture, one might reasonably assume I am going to discuss campus sports or showcase an interesting club or event. But culture is not always that palatable. Sometimes culture, especially campus culture, is raw and unnerving. Sometimes culture is hastily scribbled nonsense on a bathroom stall. And that is the brand of culture I want to talk about today–the kind of culture one can only experience while sitting on a dirty public toilet. You know, the best kind of culture.

Tristan Madden/ Pulsefeedz

I found this scathing accusation against our school’s president in the men’s bathroom of the North Campus diner. For all you kids not hip on the lingo, “danku” refers to the highest quality of marijuana. One could easily write this off as libel or defamation, but this accusation has been corroborated by another party. Right below the accusation is written “Too right, mate.” That’s enough proof for me.

Tristan Madden/ Pulsefeedz

If you venture into the family bathroom in Mckeldin library, you’ll stumble upon a baby-changing station with “place sacrifice here” written on it. In the ancient city state of Carthage, it was common practice to sacrifice one’s infant to appease the gods. It’s good to know traditional religious values are still being practiced in this increasingly godless and immoral age. Continue reading Exploring campus culture one bathroom at a time

IOS 8.3 with New Emojis – Are We Moving Forward or Backward?


Well folks, Apple has done it yet again.

New emojis were made available to the public on Wednesday. 300 new emojis were added to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod keyboard. Among  the updates are:  6 different skin and different hair color options, 32 more flags more flags, lesbian and gay couples with or without children and an Apple Watch emoji. (We’re onto you Apple.)

Some organizations and companies have expressed their support and excitement about the companies decision to be more inclusive but there has also been some backlash. The way these new emojis have been used in some cases has been negative and some believe that the new options open an awkward door for people to now perpetuate stereotypes using the app. Continue reading IOS 8.3 with New Emojis – Are We Moving Forward or Backward?

Vh1 Premieres the Walk of Shame Shuttle


Just when you thought reality shows on VH1 could not get any crazier, a new series called Walk of Shame Shuttle debuted Wednesday night. The idea behind the show was introduced by former University of Michigan student, Kellyann Wargo.

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

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