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Study explains racial disparities in unintended pregnancies


According to a press release from the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health, 51 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended and are disproportionately common among racial and ethnic minorities.

The study, made available on Nov. 23, examined why African American and Hispanic women have higher rates of unintended pregnancy than White women and found that much of the disparity stemmed from maternal age and marital status, among other factors. The study is said to support public health efforts targeted toward women that are younger, unmarried, who have less income than whites and are less educated.

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Kobe Bryant announces this will be his last season in the NBA


The end of the regular 2015-16 NBA season will also mark the end of an era. Last night, Kobe Bryant announced that he will retire once the Lakers’ season has ended.

Bryant, a 20-season veteran has played all of his games as a Los Angeles Laker, after being drafted out of Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia in 1996 by the Charlotte Hornets and traded to the Lakers on draft night.

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Scandal Review: Rasputin


Y’all, listen. I may not have class on Fridays anymore, but I’m tired of waking up disheveled because of the stress Shonda has caused me on Thursday nights. Therefore, I am starting a petition and setting up headquarters for my #StopShondaStress2015 campaign. I need signatures and volunteers so now is not the time to let your stress overcome you, it is time to take action. It should be a crime to snatch so many edges without permission as Shonda has over the past several years.

Anyway, without further adieu, let us debrief.

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Economic growth has little to no effect on those paying UMD tuition


Although America is working to rebuild from the economic recession of 2007-08, paying for college has not gotten easier for some parents of University of Maryland students.

UMD has followed the trend of making up for income losses in recent years, raising tuition by up to five percent this fall. The school also decided to gradually increase tuition for business, engineering and computer science majors in addition to the overall tuition increase.

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Scandal Review: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Look people, I’m fed up. Not with Shonda this week, but with Olivia.

I refuse to begin this debriefing with any pleasantries because I am stressed and irritated beyond relief.

Courtesy: pinterest.com
Courtesy: pinterest.com

Y’all are too, don’t act like you aren’t. We can bypass all the foolishness.

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Scandal Review: You Got Served


Look y’all, I’m feeling like Tamela Mann tonight. I’m tired and after this week’s episode I need nothing than to be taken to the throne of grace. Jesus take the wheel and steer it to the king.

Olivia Pope needs to be fixed? That just isn’t right. My letter to Shonda is coming as soon as my Dr. Miracle edge repair arrives, I promise.

Anyway, let us begin before the stress comes creeping back.

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Scandal Review: Dog-Whistle Politics


Hello my Gladiator friends,

Welcome to another edition of my De-stress Session! I’m sure you all, like me, have to replace your mugs this week because you’ve realized that the tea Shonda Rhimes spilled this episode was more than your minuscule cup and saucer could handle.

I was simply outdone by the amount of uncomfortable truths that the light was shed on this week, but I’ll be the first to say, we needed that truth to be brought forward. Some people in this world need it more than others but that’s just not any of my business.

Courtesy: www.obsev.com
Courtesy: http://www.obsev.com

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Scandal Review: Paris is Burning


Before I begin, I must admit that I was so close to having an incomplete review tonight but my very good and loyal friend, Sierra who is in Tampa, saved my life and assisted in the snatching of my edges tonight. Thank you, Lord, for good friends who would rather you be snatched by Shonda than live life wondering what it would be like if you had been.

Ladies and gentlemen, if there was ever a time we as Gladiators needed to rally around one another, it is now.

We have just experienced the biggest run around the fictional political world has ever seen. Never in my life have I been more stressed about a relationship that has absolutely nothing to do with me than I am about Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant.

I am fed up. I know y’all are too. I’m gonna try and get through this as best as I can but I’ve had enough.

Courtesy: giphy.com
Courtesy: giphy.com

Now let’s get into the foolishness.

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Scandal Review: She Said “Yes”


Y’all, look. I’m tired.

I prepared myself for my edges to be snatched as I settled down to watch yet another installment of the stress-inducing travesty that is Scandal. I was ready to be blown away by the world knowing about Fitz and Olivia. I was waiting for it in the first 30 seconds.

I’m sure y’all were ready as well. However, as I previously mentioned, Shonda loves to run up and snatch the very hair off of our scalps as if it belonged to her in the last two minutes. But what she did tonight was simply unforgivable. My letter to Shonda Rhimes about various topics: my stress level, my edges, and the state of America after Thursday nights is still in the works. Bare with me and read on, Gladiators, as I try to make it through this tonight.

Courtesy: pinterest.com
Courtesy: pinterest.com


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You play like a girl! Changing Women’s Basketball Rules Diminishes Notions of Equality


For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the game of basketball. My father played in high school then became a coach after college, my younger brother was the star player on our street and my mother was the biggest Laker fan in the world. It seemed natural for me to love basketball because everyone around me loved it. The kids in my neighborhood would gather in my driveway a few times a week to play pickup and I’d play too, just because everyone else was doing it. Granted, I was never too skilled but that never stopped me from putting up a couple shots.

One thing I loved most about playing was that the guys on my block never told me I couldn’t play because I was a girl– and they didn’t take it easy on me because of that either.  I grew up playing scrappy streetball with boys twice my size and about a billion times my level of talent. I got knocked around, heard a lot of trash talk and can’t count the number of my shots that were blocked into my neighbor’s driveway.

To me, there was no difference between men’s and women’s basketball. Of course, I knew there were different leagues for men and women, but other than that, I believed they were one and the same. Now, at 20 years old, I still believe there should be no difference, which is why I was outraged at the changes to the playing rules of NCAA Women’s basketball.

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