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UMD Students gather for #OccupyFratRow Movement


Just four months after UMD students assembled in Stamp Student Union to voice their demands to demilitarize the College Park Police Department, many returned Friday afternoon to protest on Frat Row in response to the racist and sexist email sent by a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

The protest kicked off with various demands from representatives of several student organizations. Many protesters at the event believe there wasn’t enough disciplinary action served to the individual and group involved in the email which included the now infamous line, ‘f**k consent.’ Members of The Vagina Monologues performed a skit in response to that line and sexual assault.

Dante Evans/Pulsefeedz
Member from The Vagina Monologues performs part of a skit embracing sexuality and condemning sexual assault. (Jasmine Pelaez/Pulsefeedz)

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UMD Students React to Racist Email (Video)


After discovering an email sent out by a University of Maryland student with a number of racial slurs and misogynistic remarks, students across campus were quick to express their disgust.

I sat down with a few students who shared that the email personally offended them. Check out their opinions in the video below:

Aside from these students, I also interviewed senior Andrew Mayton, co-president of the Asian American Student Union, who discussed his involvement with the anti-racism and anti-rape chalkings found on McKeldin Mall.

Sophomore Kalyn Cai, the vice president of Advocacy for the Asian American Student Union, also spoke on her initial reactions to the email.

“I think it’s hard to believe when stuff like that happens right at your university. I think a lot of the times people like to assume that that kind of thing happens far away. It’s easy to be like ‘Oh, well I’m sure stuff like that happens in like Oklahoma’ but It’s a lot harder to take a look at the people around you and the kind of institution that you attend and realize that these things go on a lot more often than you think. “

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