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Empire Season 1’s Moments To Remember


They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but let’s be real: it’s Autumn. Not just because of football or bold lip colors, but also because Cookie and the gang are back to fight once again over that multi-million dollar empire.


Yes, FOX’s Empire is that loud uncle at the barbeque who likes to make everyone uncomfortable by drinking way too many Heineken beers, while forcing them to engage in weirdo 90s dance moves such as “the bump.” Cringe-worthy, but extremely fulfilling nonetheless. So to celebrate its second season premiere September 23rd, a recap of all the melodramatic moments that pretty much killed us dead last season is in session. Continue reading Empire Season 1’s Moments To Remember

Empire Finale: What DIDN’T Happen?


Alright friends, before we get started we must all collectively pick our jaws up off the floor; I know they’ve been there since Wednesday night’s crazy finale of our favorite show. Okay, crazy is understatement.

It was insane, outrageous, and flat out nuts!

I had to go back and re-watch both episodes just for you all (partly because my mom kept asking me questions and because SO MUCH happened). Now, before we start chatting, even though we all know Empire went out with a bang, how big was the bang?

The first hour of the finale had 15.577 million viewers.

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BUT WAIT – the second hour of the finale had a whopping 17.5 million viewers!

Now with that’s said let’s recap! Continue reading Empire Finale: What DIDN’T Happen?

Empire Review: Lyons, and Sex, and Drugs! Oh My!


*SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen this week’s episode, you may want to come back and read after you have*

Well folks, I don’t know about you but I am still stunned by this week’s dose of melodrama from FOX’s highest rated show this season. Every Wednesday when the clock strikes nine we wait by our televisions for our favorite musical drama (and to see Cookie’s sassy antics and killer outfits, duh). The music is catchy and the acting is bearable so we tune in faithfully and this week was a treat to say the least.

When the drama begins we see Lucius Lyon having to make a decision that seems like a no brainer about who to bring with him to the hospital after fainting. The fact that he had to think twice about whether to bring Anika or Cookie really gave us clues about what was to come. There have been flirty vibes and romantic gazes exchanged all season between Cookie and Lyon so when they…well, let’s save the best for last shall we.

Continue reading Empire Review: Lyons, and Sex, and Drugs! Oh My!

FOX premieres new series “Empire”


Well, ladies and gents, I have returned and I have found what I believe will be one of the best series on television this year.

Courtesy: hitfix.com
Courtesy: hitfix.com

Empire, created by Lee Daniels, director of the powerful film The Butler, made its debut on FOX tonight . The show features two Oscar-nominated actors, Maryland-native Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. Coincidentally (or not), the pair were also the stars of the 2005 Indie/hip hop film Hustle & Flow. When I first watched the trailer for the first time around Christmas, I started calling the show ‘Hustle & Flow Part II’ and after watching the pilot episode, I stand by that.


Courtesy: metroactive.com
Courtesy: metroactive.com

As the show opened and Lucious Lyon, played by Howard, began with a monologue about selling  drugs at the age of nine on the streets of Philadelphia, and the familiar line of how “music saved my life,” I couldn’t help but reminisce about DJay selling mixtapes out the trunk of his car at the bar. But anywho.

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