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Life with Lo E6 “How I’m Determined to Conquer 2016”

By Lauryn Froneberger
This week’s Life with Lo is all about bringing in the new year. I’ll share some advice for getting off to a great start by setting goals for yourself, staying motivated and leaving behind friends that may slow you down. I’ll also explain why I hate New Year’s Resolutions and the whole #newyearnewme craze. Check it out below!

Life with Lo: Holiday Tag

By Lauryn Froneberger

This week Life with Lo is back with a holiday themed tag video. I’ll be answering a series of questions about what this time of year means to me and my family as well as talking about my favorite Christmas songs and movies!

Courtesy: giphy.com
Courtesy: giphy.com

Tune in for a great holiday treat. Happy Holidays to you and your families! Xo, Lo

Courtesy: Giphy.com
Courtesy: Giphy.com


Shia LaBeouf Live Streams Himself Watching His Movies for Three Straight Days


Just when America thought child actor/former blockbuster starlet/ art freak basket case Shia LaBeouf’s decision-making could not get any more peculiar, he decided to stream himself watching the bulk of his filmography for three days straight, a performance art project named #ALLMYMOVIES.

Yes, for 36 consecutive hours, we can all watch LaBeouf watch himself… in a frigid New York City movie theater…with buttered popcorn and Coca Cola…for no apparent reason.

shia popcorn

Remember that ‘90s Jim Carey movie The Truman Show, in which Carey played this super nice, super normal guy unaware that every single second of his life has been filmed and broadcast to the entire world since before he was even born? This is pretty similar. Except that film was awesome and this is…different.

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Orange is the New Black: Season 2 RECAP


Cue the countdown and prepare for hibernation. Though it has been a year since Netflix released a new season of Orange is the New Black, life will once again have meaning when fans finally view more prison drama for the hit show’s third season. But before that, it only seems fair to review the lives of our favorite (and not so favorite) characters through a reminiscent stroll down the dark halls of Litchfield Penitentiary. Continue reading Orange is the New Black: Season 2 RECAP

Kylie Jenner Lip-Inspired Challenge Leaves Many Shocked, Amused, Enraged


Social media exploded in a mixed bag of reactions after #KylieJennerChallenge, a Twitter hashtag that dared youths to plump their lips by putting shot glasses to their mouth and inhaling as hard as they can, went viral earlier this week.

For months, YouTube has become flooded with Kylie-inspired makeup tutorials on how to mimic the teen’s look and achieve fuller lips through illusion. However, Jenner fans have taken the craze to an entirely new level, possibly damaging their mouths permanently in the process.

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What is Net Neutrality and How Does it Affect the Public?


Over the past year, there has been much frenzy among consumers and the media due to the term “Net Neutrality.” But what exactly does this term mean, and how does it affect the American public?

Well, this recently popularized term goes to back Jan. 12, 2003 when Law Professor Tim Wu first used the phrase in a law review article, according to whatisnetneutrality.org. This led to the term being defined as “the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) should give consumers access to all legal content and applications on an equal basis, without favoring some sources or blocking others,” according to USA Today.

The Federal Communications Commission then started regulating the Internet and ISPs (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) for any potential favoring or blocking activities. During this time, certain companies did not follow the net neutrality rules. One of these ISPs was Comcast, who blocked Bittorrent in September of 2007, also according to whatisnetneutrality.org. The FCC then started an investigation and found that Comcast was, in fact, discriminating against Bittorrent. This was not the only case to go against net neutrality, but it was the most publicized.

Courtesy of enews.org
Courtesy of enews.org

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Online Classes: Better Than You Think (Opinion)

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Online classes are rapidly replacing traditional college lectures. Taking a web-based course may seem overwhelming at first, with no professor to answer questions, or re-explain things. But have no fear; online learning offers many benefits that in-person learning can not. Let’s look at some of the ways a web-based course is helpful.

Saves You Money  


First and foremost, online classes are cheaper. Even if your online tuition is the same price as campus tuition, there are additional expenses you can avoid. You will save tons of money on gas, by not having to drive to campus. Oil prices go up year after year, meaning web-based learning will become more appealing as time goes on.

And to you students paying for campus housing; imagine the money you will save by living at home. Or, if you insist on living in a college town, online classes will allow you to have more freedom about where you live. It is often cheaper to live farther from campus than right near your school. By taking online classes, you can live several miles away from the university, without the inconvenience of getting to class. This will allow you to still enjoy the thrills of a college town, while your rent remains cheap.

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Courtesy: wayfair.com

Saves You Time 

The beauty of computer-based learning is that you choose the pace. Of course there are deadlines for assignments, but you still have a choice about the amount of learning in each day. This is unlike in-person lectures, which give you limited timeframes to write down heaps of information.

Another perk of internet schooling is no set class times. This means you can sleep in as late as needed. No setting your alarm early, scrambling to get dressed and running off to class. No professors giving you glares for walking in a few minutes late. Online classes give you the freedom of choice. Think about how much better life would be if you dictated your schedule, as opposed to your college.

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Courtesy: topnews.ae

Saves The Environment 

Environmental concerns are growing, now that we’ve learned humans contribute to climate change. By taking college courses at your computer, you can help to save the environment in multiple ways. Not driving to class means less greenhouse gases will be put into the atmosphere.

You will also be saving paper, because your assignments and handouts will come in the form of computer files. Not only will web-based courses benefit you; mother nature will be assisted as well.

With computers rapidly taking over all walks of life, you should get used to online learning. Hopefully this list will help you to see the benefits of the web-based college experience.