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How to stay safe while studying abroad


After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France where at least 128 civilians were killed, some students may wonder about safety concerns while studying abroad.

According to their website, the Education Abroad office at the University of Maryland has set as its mission the empowerment of UMD students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to become mindful and engaged global citizens. With this in mind, executive director of Education Abroad Dr. Moira Rogers has shared with PulseFeedz her list of precautionary tips to follow while studying abroad: Continue reading How to stay safe while studying abroad


Mr. West Woke Up


There seems to be a new Kanye West, or maybe a side of him America just hasn’t seen yet. His recent interview with The Breakfast Club and his recent tweets are not only causing excitement, but also showing another personality of the controversial artist known as Yeezus.

This morning The Breakfast Club, a popular radio show based in New York, interviewed West. The hour long interview ranges from Amber Rose to working with Drake on a collaborative album.

Kanye sat down to talk to The Breakfast Club.
Kanye sat down to talk to The Breakfast Club.

But regardless of the conversation, Kanye remained content and perceptive.

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