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Life with Lo E6 “How I’m Determined to Conquer 2016”

By Lauryn Froneberger
This week’s Life with Lo is all about bringing in the new year. I’ll share some advice for getting off to a great start by setting goals for yourself, staying motivated and leaving behind friends that may slow you down. I’ll also explain why I hate New Year’s Resolutions and the whole #newyearnewme craze. Check it out below!


Life with Lo: Holiday Tag

By Lauryn Froneberger

This week Life with Lo is back with a holiday themed tag video. I’ll be answering a series of questions about what this time of year means to me and my family as well as talking about my favorite Christmas songs and movies!

Courtesy: giphy.com
Courtesy: giphy.com

Tune in for a great holiday treat. Happy Holidays to you and your families! Xo, Lo

Courtesy: Giphy.com
Courtesy: Giphy.com


Life With Lo – ColourPop.com Review

By Lauryn Froneberger

Life with Lo is finally back (after all the finals craziness) for another episode!


This week, a friend and I will be swatching ultra matte lippies  from L.A. cosmetics company, Colourpop.com.

Courtesy: Colourpop.com
Courtesy: Colourpop.com homepage
Courtesy: Colourpop.com
Courtesy: Colourpop.com

As DJ Khaled would say, these colors are definitely a major key to success (I promise you They don’t want your lips to pop) but stay tuned because we’ll tell you what we liked and didn’t, and why.

Life With Lo Episode 3 “Affirmation Posts”

By Lauryn Froneberger

A fact of the world: Gabrielle Union is a goddess.

Courtesy: Giphy.com
Courtesy: Giphy.com

And if there is anything we love more than the accomplished actress, it is her character Mary Jane Paul, who on BET’s Being Mary Jane never fails to use sticky note quotes as a way to motivate, uplift and enlighten her spirit.

Courtesy: BET.com
Courtesy: BET.com

This week, Simone and I channel the same energy and self-reflect. Who do we really want to be? 

UMD’s 2015 Homecoming Juke Joint, A Night to Remember (PICTURES AND VIDEO)

By Lauryn Froneberger and Mya Green

For the past few weeks, some University of Maryland students have complained about the lack of social engagement on campus.

However, organizers of the Juke Joint Performance Showcase sought to change their minds. Students from every year, major, city, country (and continent) filled the Adele H. Stamp Grand Ballroom to show their pride in the greater Black community and enjoy the performances from fellow Terps.

In case you missed Tuesday night’s Juke Joint, check it out in the video playlist and pictures below.

Life with Lo: Learn Makeup How-to’s

Life and Lo is back with another episode. This time, we’re talking makeup dos and don’ts. Lo sits down with junior biology major Tyla Young to learn all about an easy beauty regimen for the average college woman, a look that will have you looking your best without all the stress.

Ladies, get your pen and paper ready, because this is one you will not want to miss. Enjoy!

Check out this slideshow of the completed look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe to Life with Lo and look out for more episodes in the next few weeks.

If you missed last week’s episode, check out our cooking special here.


Vh1 Premieres the Walk of Shame Shuttle


Just when you thought reality shows on VH1 could not get any crazier, a new series called Walk of Shame Shuttle debuted Wednesday night. The idea behind the show was introduced by former University of Michigan student, Kellyann Wargo.

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

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UMD Students React to Racist Email (Video)


After discovering an email sent out by a University of Maryland student with a number of racial slurs and misogynistic remarks, students across campus were quick to express their disgust.

I sat down with a few students who shared that the email personally offended them. Check out their opinions in the video below:

Aside from these students, I also interviewed senior Andrew Mayton, co-president of the Asian American Student Union, who discussed his involvement with the anti-racism and anti-rape chalkings found on McKeldin Mall.

Sophomore Kalyn Cai, the vice president of Advocacy for the Asian American Student Union, also spoke on her initial reactions to the email.

“I think it’s hard to believe when stuff like that happens right at your university. I think a lot of the times people like to assume that that kind of thing happens far away. It’s easy to be like ‘Oh, well I’m sure stuff like that happens in like Oklahoma’ but It’s a lot harder to take a look at the people around you and the kind of institution that you attend and realize that these things go on a lot more often than you think. “

For more student reactions and updates on the university’s response to the email, follow us on Twitter.

A Breakdown of All The Drama Surrounding Tyga and the Kardashians


As we told you earlier today, 25-year-old Tyga sat down with Power 105.1’s Angela Yee, Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy to clear his name once and for all.

The interview was sparked by a recent Twitter feud between Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian and trust me, this web of connections is as messy as it gets. So grab a pen and paper while I quickly break this down.

So Tyga is rumored to be dating Kylie Jenner, who is the sister of both Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Not only does her age make this an issue, Kim is also best friends with Blac Chyna who is Tyga’s ex-wife and mother to his son King. And to top it all off Kim is married to Kanye West, who was Amber Rose’s ex a few years ago.

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Omarion finally debuts “Post To Be” video featuring Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown (FULL VIDEO)


After uploading his new single “Post To Be” on YouTube, Omarion proved that his several year long hiatus was worth the wait.

The single features popular musicians Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown and was produced by the Infamous DJ Mustard.

Around 1pm EST, Omarion dropped the video for “Post To Be” which he teased at on his Instagram.


What are your thoughts on this latest video? Check it out and  let us know in the comments section!