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Did Stacey Dash Really Call Out Rape Victims on National TV? (Opinion)


Actress Stacey Dash shocked the nation once again with her offensive commentary about college girls who have been victims of campus rape on the Fox News show “Outnumbered,” a relatively new talk show that features several panelists who discuss trending national headlines.

Courtesy: Fox News
Courtesy: Fox News

If you don’t know her for her role in the popular film Clueless, you know her for some of the outrageous things she’s said. One of her most infamous comments was to say that the Democratic Party has a “Plantation Mentality.”

On Friday’s episode of “Outnumbered,” Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros and Stacey Dash sat down to dish on the controversy surrounding the decision made by national sororities to ask UVA sorority sisters to stay away from frat houses. The topic also shifted to the decision to ban hard alcohol on Dartmouth College’s campus.
Stacey Dash and A
Rather than discussing the nature of these decisions, such as how they can contribute to sexual assault, Dash resorted to victim blaming by saying that rape victims are the girls who “like to be naughty.”
The video originally surfaced online at Jezebel.com Click here to watch the entire clip.
Early in her argument she makes the distinction between those who are considered “good sorority girls” and those who are “bad.” Dash said that these good girls were the ones who were told to stay home while the others “might go out and play and get hurt.”
Dash further explains the logic behind her comments in this excerpt from the video below:
“But the other thing about this is that it then blames the alcohol instead of the person who over-drinks. So it’s like, the same thing with guns. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Alcohol doesn’t get you drunk; you get yourself drunk.”
After all the controversy with the UVA rape case, you would think that people in America would start realizing the importance of being educated about rape culture. It seems as if America has inadvertently created this culture that slut-shames and blames rape victims for their own assault. If Dash stands behind her “guns don’t kill people” logic, then why is it that she hasn’t realized despite alcohol’s role (if any at all) in any of these college fraternity/sorority situations we should still be teaching boys and young men not to rape women.
What confused me the most was Tantaros’ comment about “rules” in the excerpt below:
Are women strong enough to take care of themselves, or are they not strong enough to take care of themselves? Because we are getting so many mixed messages.”
Aside from her mentioning the UVA rape suspects not being convicted, she goes on to say:
I mean girls are given rape whistles and boys aren’t allowed at frat parties – either women can handle liquor and make responsible choices or they can’t. And they’re a bunch of babies who need to be kept away from liquor and boys.
Courtesy: Giphy.com
Courtesy: Giphy.com
And with Fox News, known for their right wing conservative bias, seemingly agreeing with Dash’s point it draws the question of whether or not the majority of American people actually believe in slut-shaming and blaming the actions of sexual assault victims. Let’s not forget about the time Fox News contributor George Will said  “college girls see victimhood as coveted status.”
Imagine being a college girl who had been sexually assaulted recently. Should we blame her for being a victim of a misfortune act that will agonize her for the rest of her life or do we support her and encourage college campuses to start the dialogue on preventing sexual assault in the first place? The answer is clear.
The implications of Dash’s comments are far greater than what she could’ve imagined. As a woman, she is now promoting a message to all rape victims that says “everything that happened was your fault” which most victims already have engraved in their minds after their assault. It is one thing to hear a man make insensitive comments that blame rape victims but the wound stings twice as a hard when another woman begins slut shaming victims. The victim blaming environment that is created by statements from powerful people like Stacey Dash eventually removes the voice of the victim who often need to tell their stories to fight back against the painful experience they endured during their assault. These comments continue a cycle of silencing the victim that many famous commentators perpetuate in segments like this one and I am tired of it!
The underlying issue here is bigger than “what was she drinking?” or “why did she go to the fraternity house?” It is more-so of why in 2015 we still have to hear stories about victim blaming and people can openly criticize rape victims for crimes against them.
Ms. Dash, Ms. Tantaros and anyone else who sides with these women: it is not about “responsible choices” and “handling liquor!” It is about women having the right to party and enjoy themselves without having to watch out for predators who still won’t see their actions as wrong.

UMD President announces tuition increases and budget cuts! (FULL EMAIL)


University of Maryland President Wallace Loh announced via email that the school is now facing a $750 million budget cut and expects it to increase to $1 billion.

Loh also announced that UMD must return roughly one half of funding from the state of Maryland as a result of these cuts.

In the full email below, Loh describes his four point plan for responding to the university’s budget concerns including a mid-year tuition rise for students and possible furloughs (days off without pay) for university faculty, staff and administrators.

Dear University of Maryland community,

Last month, I alerted you that we face budget challenges. The State of Maryland now anticipates a deficit of about $750M that is projected to rise to $1B, if no spending adjustments are made.

Last week, the state Department of Budget and Management announced immediate budget cuts for all state agencies. The cut for the University System of Maryland (USM) is $40.3M. UMD’s proportional share of this cut is $15.6M.

To put this in perspective, it means that we must return about one-half of the extra funding the state gave us to meet this year’s rising costs.

USM officials have lobbied hard to minimize the cuts. I have also met with officials in Annapolis to advocate for the flagship university, which is a major driver of economic growth, job creation, and social mobility.  Nonetheless, the state faces a significant structural deficit and we must do our part to help put its fiscal house in order.

We will implement the $15.6M budget cut informed by principles of shared sacrifice (all members of UMD share the pain) and fairness (the most financially vulnerable members will share a lighter burden):

1.      Faculty, staff, and administrators will have furloughs (unpaid days off) for up to 3 days. I recognize that, until recently, salaries of University employees were frozen for four years and there were also furloughs. We will minimize the furloughs of our lowest compensated employees. Details will be  forthcoming shortly.  This action will save $3M, equal to 19% of the cut.

2.      Savings from the recently implemented hiring freeze on faculty and staff positions and suspension of construction renovation projects will be $3M, equal to 19% of the cut.

3.      UMD will return $6M of its fund balance.  This action is 37% of the cut.

4.      A mid-year tuition adjustment will generate $4M, or 26% of the cut.

Today, the USM Board of Regents in special session voted to approve mid-year tuition adjustments for spring semester 2015.

At UMD, tuition for full-time, resident undergraduate students will increase $76 plus a one-time surcharge of $76 (totaling $152). Full-time, non-resident undergraduates will have a one-time surcharge of $279. Adjustments will be made accordingly for part-time students. Pell grant-eligible students–those with the greatest financial need–will be exempt from any increase. All graduate students will have a one-time surcharge according to their credit-hour load, up to a total of $100.

Details on this mid-year charge–including timeline for payment–will be made available soon.

I understand the pain these measures will cause students, faculty, and staff. Nobody knows when the state’s economic travails will end, but they will end. We have faced hard times before. We have emerged stronger.

For now, we, and all state employees, must make sacrifices. In addition, we will continue to practice fiscal discipline; reallocate budgets to protect academic quality; advocate tirelessly for state funding; expand new sources of revenue; and invest in our strategic priorities, which include contributing to the growth of our state economy through education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Together, we will meet these challenges. The University of Maryland remains unwavering in its commitment to academic excellence. I thank each of you for doing your part.


Wallace D. Loh

University of Maryland students are expressing their thoughts on the tuition increases and budget cuts on Twitter.

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

Have an opinion on Loh’s email and budget cuts? Sound off in the comments below!

MTV spices up reality TV with “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II”

While Vh1 and Oxygen are finding success with new shows, MTV is not far behind their widely popular reality shows. One example is MTV’s The Challenge, having some of the most successful ratings in its 26th season since the premiere of the network’s competitive game show Road Rules: All Stars in June 1988.
Courtesy: Tumblr
Courtesy: Tumblr
The popular challenge/battle-style reality show features several Real World and Road Rules cast members who compete for a cash prize.
Courtesy: Giphy.com
If you were a fan of MTV challenge shows before the 2010s, you may recall the name change from Road Rules: All Stars in season one to Real World/Road Rules Challenge in season two and finally, The Challenge in season 19.
The Challenge becomes more interesting and outrageous each season. Competitions range from suspending fearful cast members over water while answering trivia questions to walking over a wire suspended several hundred feet in the air while holding onto your partner.

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Students Protest UMPD’s New Weapons (Pictures and Video)


As protesters and citizens across the nation await the final verdict in the Michael Brown trial in Ferguson, students at the University of Maryland College Park also assembled in hopes of raising awareness about the new military weaponry given to the University of Maryland Police Department.

UMD sophomore students and protesters, Chris Bangert-Drowns and Nate Hansell also raised campus awareness through flyers distributed at the Main Administration building.

According to the flyer titled: “The Social Justice Coalition Against UMD Militarization,” The University of Maryland (along with Coppin State University and Morgan State University) are now a part of the Pentagon’s 1033 Program aiming too provide low cost military weapons to campus police officers.

Some of the weapons include:

  • 49 M-16 Assault Rifles
  • 16 12-gauge shotguns
  • 1 $65,000 armored truck
Flyers distributed during the protest. November 24,2014. (Lauryn Froneberger/Pulsefeedz)
Flyers distributed during the protest. November 24,2014. (Lauryn Froneberger/Pulsefeedz)

The protest began at the Adele H. Stamp Student Union at approximately 12 p.m. and was led by Freshman Julian Ivey and Sophomore Curtis Dickens who condemned the University of Maryland police’s use of these dangerous weapons.

Ivey and Dickens gathered a group of roughly 20-30 students who traveled from the Stamp to Mckeldin Mall and the Main Administration building, where they eventually approached David Mitchell, the Chief of UMPD, reading a list of demands. The list of demands of UMPD were read by Ivey, Dickens and senior Tiara Ettison in the main lobby of the Administration building.

Here is the audio recording:

Later, Protester Chris Brangert-Drowns shares his thoughts on the protest.

Both the University of Maryland Police Department and University President Wallace Loh have declined to comment on the protest.

Stay tuned to our Twitter pages for more information about the future of the protests:




Kevin Hart Visits UMD


From our monumental switch to the Big Ten Conference, to the creation of new residence halls and academic buildings; The University of Maryland has developed a university that caters more towards the student population. On October 11th, Student Entertainment Events (or SEE for short) changed the game for University of Maryland student activities by announcing that Kevin Hart was scheduled to perform at Cole Field House on November 1st.


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“The Wedding Ringer” is a must-see


On Saturday November 1st, comedian Kevin Hart and actor Josh Gad made an appearance at the University of Maryland for a pre-screening of their new movie “The Wedding Ringer.”

In 2011, director Paul Feig brought us hilarious wedding rom-com “Bridesmaids,”  but in January 2015, director/writer Jeremy Garelick brings us “The Wedding Ringer,” which could be everyone’s new favorite wedding movie of all time.


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Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter


In light of Breast Cancer Awareness month, University of Maryland’s Phunktions Hip Hop Dance Company are hosting an all day fitness fundraising event Sunday that includes a 5k run and a number of dance classes such as Yoga, Master Zumba and Abs & Arms.

These dancers are determined to expand the mission of their organization from solely dance and dance instruction classes to philanthropic work that will ultimately have a greater impact on the lives of people outside of the dance world.

Sophomore Anthropology major and Phunktions Marketing Executive Monique Watson says that with a combination of community service and exercise, this event is “something you won’t want to miss.”

Sophomore Anthropology major and Phunktions Marketing Executive Monique Watson Courtesy: Instagram
Sophomore Anthropology major and Phunktions Marketing Executive Monique Watson
Courtesy: Instagram

Registration for Phunktions Phitness Day is online here!

Phunktions will also be giving out door prizes such as Breast Cancer Awareness accessories, gift cards, and Zumba gear.

P.S. Although the flyers advertise registration online, there is still limited opportunity to register the day of the event if you absolutely can not register beforehand!

Admission for the Zumba and Hip Hop master classes taught by Phunktions members (with a free water bottle) will be $15.

Whereas $20 will include the morning 5k run, a free t-shirt and more dance master classes throughout the day.

The schedule for the event can be found below!

Courtesy: Facebook

Follow Phunktions on InstagramTwitter, Facebook and on their new website! 

In case you missed Homecoming Juke Joint… (Video and Pictures)


…..which you probably didn’t because it was one of the “livest” and most packed events of the semester!

Here are some of our favorite performances and pictures from the show!

UMD Phunktions Performance (Snippet)

One of our favorite singers (who I recently profiled) Ashley Lyles also performed…

Poet Kosi Dunn performed two poems. Here’s a snippet of one and the full version of another…

Here are some pictures from Monday night’s festivities:

Photos Courtesy of: Jessie Karangu and Lauryn Froneberger

Look out for a review from our very own Breana Bacon!