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Janelle Monáe Is Not Here For Male Chauvinism


Twitter has always been the best platform to help connect everyday people with those they look up to. Whether it’s getting a reply from Nicki Minaj, a favorite from Oprah or even the all-coveted follow-back, Twitter breaks down the barrier that lies between any two people.

It’s also a great medium to sound off on your haters, and that’s just what singer and style queen Janelle Monáe did this past week.

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Young Dancer Pays Homage to Missy Elliott


If your childhood was anything like mine, you spent most of your time recreating Britney Spears choreography, chatting with friends on AIM and wondering why Missy Elliott didn’t ask you to dance in her music videos (it was because I was a terrible dancer).

Well this past week, we were able to relieve our childhood glory when Alyson Stoner, the young girl featured in many music videos in the early 2000s including Missy’s “Gossip Folks,” “Work It,” and “I’m Really Hot,” released a tribute video paying homage to rap’s favorite MC. The video is about three minutes long and features Stoner and a group of child and adult dancers recreating some of the choreography she made popular over a decade ago.

Let me just say this video has already gotten over 11 million views, and about half of those are courtesy of yours truly. I’ve been slightly obsessed with Stoner’s career since I first saw her dance and the obsession has not died. I mean, look at that outfit! Look at those moves! LOOK AT THE PIGTAILS! Continue reading Young Dancer Pays Homage to Missy Elliott