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Life with Lo: Holiday Tag

By Lauryn Froneberger

This week Life with Lo is back with a holiday themed tag video. I’ll be answering a series of questions about what this time of year means to me and my family as well as talking about my favorite Christmas songs and movies!

Courtesy: giphy.com
Courtesy: giphy.com

Tune in for a great holiday treat. Happy Holidays to you and your families! Xo, Lo

Courtesy: Giphy.com
Courtesy: Giphy.com


Syrian refugee crisis: What is America’s responsibility? (Opinon)


The United States of America has been facing a moral dilemma over the past three years as Syrian refugees have fled their war-ravaged nation in search of sanctuary. Millions of refugees have flooded Europe, and now the question is: what is our responsibility in all of this? We aren’t the only nation struggling to answer this question. This is a global issue with the potential to be a game changer in foreign relations.

Many insist that the United States has a moral obligation to assist other countries in hosting Syrian refugees. The jarring photos taken of Syrian refugees have stirred hearts and inspired humanitarian efforts worldwide to take on this cause.

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Fashion’s First Ladies


Three models are giving the fashion world a strut for their money. In order words, they’re becoming the faces of a new trend that has been lacking in fashion for years now: self-love.

Denise Bidot was the first plus-sized model to open and close a “straight-sized” fashion show in New York Fashion Week last year. She has been featured in ads for Target, Levis, and Forever 21 Plus. She told Cosmopolitan magazine that it was “…about time we represent all women on the catwalk.”

Courtesy: Google.com

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Kylie Jenner Lip-Inspired Challenge Leaves Many Shocked, Amused, Enraged


Social media exploded in a mixed bag of reactions after #KylieJennerChallenge, a Twitter hashtag that dared youths to plump their lips by putting shot glasses to their mouth and inhaling as hard as they can, went viral earlier this week.

For months, YouTube has become flooded with Kylie-inspired makeup tutorials on how to mimic the teen’s look and achieve fuller lips through illusion. However, Jenner fans have taken the craze to an entirely new level, possibly damaging their mouths permanently in the process.

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What is Net Neutrality and How Does it Affect the Public?


Over the past year, there has been much frenzy among consumers and the media due to the term “Net Neutrality.” But what exactly does this term mean, and how does it affect the American public?

Well, this recently popularized term goes to back Jan. 12, 2003 when Law Professor Tim Wu first used the phrase in a law review article, according to whatisnetneutrality.org. This led to the term being defined as “the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) should give consumers access to all legal content and applications on an equal basis, without favoring some sources or blocking others,” according to USA Today.

The Federal Communications Commission then started regulating the Internet and ISPs (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) for any potential favoring or blocking activities. During this time, certain companies did not follow the net neutrality rules. One of these ISPs was Comcast, who blocked Bittorrent in September of 2007, also according to whatisnetneutrality.org. The FCC then started an investigation and found that Comcast was, in fact, discriminating against Bittorrent. This was not the only case to go against net neutrality, but it was the most publicized.

Courtesy of enews.org
Courtesy of enews.org

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Rapper Goes Viral with Ferguson Speech

Courtesy: Google Images


Social media was abuzz this past weekend with a powerful video from rapper Prince AE. The St. Louis native is filmed making a speech addressing the conflicts in Ferguson. AE claims that society can only change when we examine our thoughts and cultural beliefs, which we’ve been fed from outside influences.

“We have been brain washed with conditioned thoughts,” says the rapper.

“Thoughts that we have died over, killed over, fought over. But we gotta question them.”

EA tells viewers to open a history book, because history shows us that man has struggled with the same issues since our beginnings. Race, violence, war, politics; none of these things have been the solution to our problems.

After giving some spiritual advice on how to discover what truly matters, EA finished by saying, “man-kind has the opportunity to transform into kind-men.”

Since posting the video up on Facebook, over 16 million people have viewed the video, says EA. Popular website WorldStarHipHop.com also posted the video on their front page. The video can be seen here:

Good Guys, Bad Guys, and the Media (editorial)

Courtesy: businessinsider.com
Courtesy: businessinsider.com


The media may not use tanks or missiles, but they sure play a role in times of war. Over the past few months, American media has followed Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. Russia is accused of invading Ukraine, using brute force to conquer an innocent nation.

Reasons for invasion are not exactly clear. The conflict started when Russian troops entered Crimea, a Ukrainian territory.  These troops claimed to be an independent group (known as separatists), having nothing to do with the Russian government. However, U.S. officials and media sources said that the Russians were funding these separatists, planning a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The American public grew wary of Russia as the media continued to show Ukraine being marched on. President Obama accused leader Vladimir Putin of being dishonest about Russia’s role in the matter. The United States declared trade sanctions against Russia, punishing them for their unjustified actions.

Courtesy: frontpagemag.com
Courtesy: frontpagemag.com

Russia may seem like bullies to the American public, but citizens of Russia see things differently. Over there, the Russian media describes Ukraine as a Fascist state. They claim that the Ukrainian government is abusing power and mistreating citizens. Thus, the Russian public sees this invasion as a fight for freedom. In their eyes, Ukrainian citizens need to be saved from an evil government.

Does this sound familiar?

Since the War on Terror began, the United States has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Both times, our media informed us that these countries were under corrupt leadership. Americans were convinced that Afghani and Iraqi citizens needed our help. Meanwhile, other nations accused the U.S. of unfairly invading these regions. But our media insisted that American troops had a right to intervene.

Courtesy: globalresearch.ca
Courtesy: globalresearch.ca

As the situation in Ukraine heightens, which media source should be trusted? Is Russia the evil invader that our media portrays them as? Or is freedom being restored in Ukraine, as the Russian press insists? Questions like these won’t be answered on our television sets.

My Take: In times of war, heroes and villains are both determined by the press.