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March Madness: A Business Cycle


Madness has returned to the sports world.

The NCAA Tournament is a phenomenon to basketball fans everywhere. They anticipate the chance to pull out their alumni sports gear, purchase game tickets and most importantly predict who will win it all.

“Bracket Mania” is arguably the main ingredient to March Madness. Every year college hoops fans fill out a bracket of how they believe the tournament will play out. They show their friends, argue with their coworkers about it and hold friendly office pools to keep it interesting. Continue reading March Madness: A Business Cycle

Dancing with the Conferences: SEC Edition


Spoiler Alert: Kentucky will make the tournament.

As shocked as you might be, it is not shocking that Callipari’s undefeated Wildcats will not only make the big dance, but they will be a number one seed. But will the SEC’s number one team be the only SEC team in the tournament? Continue reading Dancing with the Conferences: SEC Edition

Dancing with the Conferences: ACC Edition


The Atlantic Coast Conference is back as one of college basketball’s premier conferences. There have been at least four ACC teams ranked in the top 25 every week this season. With the addition of Louisville and Notre Dame, the ACC now has constant competition for cornerstone programs like Duke and UNC. Virginia and Notre Dame are the solid front-runners of the conference, while Duke and UNC stayed in the mix with each scoring significant wins and slight setbacks. Louisville, once the most feared team behind Virginia, was exposed and teams took advantage of the lack of offensive efficiency and made Louisville one of the other guys.

There are no easy road games in the ACC, with many games being close no matter the record of the teams involved. The ACC is announcing to the college world that it is back to its familiar ways of dominance. These six teams look to bolster that claim come Selection Sunday. Continue reading Dancing with the Conferences: ACC Edition