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Life with Lo E6 “How I’m Determined to Conquer 2016”

By Lauryn Froneberger
This week’s Life with Lo is all about bringing in the new year. I’ll share some advice for getting off to a great start by setting goals for yourself, staying motivated and leaving behind friends that may slow you down. I’ll also explain why I hate New Year’s Resolutions and the whole #newyearnewme craze. Check it out below!

Trump May Transcend the Truth But He Doesn’t Transcend Stupidity (Opinion)


Presidential candidate Donald Trump has had a lot to say lately and a good chunk of it isn’t making any sense.

Trump recently stated if he is elected president, he wants mosques under surveillance in light of recent terrorist attacks by ISIS.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe a few weeks ago, Trump stated: “You’re going to have to watch and study the mosques, because a lot of talk is going on in the mosques.”

In addition, Trump plans to force out Syrian refugees that have settled in the U.S., according to a speech he gave to voters during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. Continue reading Trump May Transcend the Truth But He Doesn’t Transcend Stupidity (Opinion)

Return of the Rock: SEC Preview


The story line in the SEC remains the same: Kentucky, and then everyone else. The Wildcats reloaded after last year’s 38-1 season and are once again national title contenders. Everyone is chasing John Calipari, but the gap may close in the next few years. Many teams in the conference have made a splash with their coaching hires, showing that they’re serious about taking college basketball to the next level. This is still a football conference, but SEC basketball is slowly on the rise. Here is my preview for this year, with last year’s record in parentheses.

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Shia LaBeouf Live Streams Himself Watching His Movies for Three Straight Days


Just when America thought child actor/former blockbuster starlet/ art freak basket case Shia LaBeouf’s decision-making could not get any more peculiar, he decided to stream himself watching the bulk of his filmography for three days straight, a performance art project named #ALLMYMOVIES.

Yes, for 36 consecutive hours, we can all watch LaBeouf watch himself… in a frigid New York City movie theater…with buttered popcorn and Coca Cola…for no apparent reason.

shia popcorn

Remember that ‘90s Jim Carey movie The Truman Show, in which Carey played this super nice, super normal guy unaware that every single second of his life has been filmed and broadcast to the entire world since before he was even born? This is pretty similar. Except that film was awesome and this is…different.

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Return of the Rock – ACC Preview


With the additions of Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse in 2013 along with Louisville in 2014, the Atlantic Coast Conference was expected to be the toughest conference in America. Last season the ACC lived up to expectations, sending six teams to the NCAA Tournament with five making the Sweet Sixteen. The ACC is loaded again this season, with ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi putting nine of the 15 schools in his preseason bracket, but I believe as many as 13 have a chance to get there. Here is how each team looks heading into this season. Continue reading Return of the Rock – ACC Preview

Syrian refugee crisis: What is America’s responsibility? (Opinon)


The United States of America has been facing a moral dilemma over the past three years as Syrian refugees have fled their war-ravaged nation in search of sanctuary. Millions of refugees have flooded Europe, and now the question is: what is our responsibility in all of this? We aren’t the only nation struggling to answer this question. This is a global issue with the potential to be a game changer in foreign relations.

Many insist that the United States has a moral obligation to assist other countries in hosting Syrian refugees. The jarring photos taken of Syrian refugees have stirred hearts and inspired humanitarian efforts worldwide to take on this cause.

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Scandal Review: Dog-Whistle Politics


Hello my Gladiator friends,

Welcome to another edition of my De-stress Session! I’m sure you all, like me, have to replace your mugs this week because you’ve realized that the tea Shonda Rhimes spilled this episode was more than your minuscule cup and saucer could handle.

I was simply outdone by the amount of uncomfortable truths that the light was shed on this week, but I’ll be the first to say, we needed that truth to be brought forward. Some people in this world need it more than others but that’s just not any of my business.

Courtesy: www.obsev.com
Courtesy: http://www.obsev.com

Let’s get started, shall we?

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National League Playoff Preview


162 down. Only 11 wins separate five teams from their next World Series rings. Traditional powerhouses like the Cardinals against new school powers like the Cubs set up the National League for an intense October.  Who can forget David Freeses’ game tying triple and walk off homerun in Game 6 in 2011? Or David Ortiz’s utter dominance in 2013? Or Madison Bumgarner’s masterful pitching performance? This postseason is sure to be filled with incredible moments, and here I will be focusing on the playoff teams from the National League, why they have the potential to win the World Series, and what will keep them from making it to the Fall Classic.

Cardinals starter John Lackey. Courtesy of Google Images
Cardinals starter John Lackey. Courtesy of Redbird Rants
  1. St. Louis Cardinals (100-62, NL Central Champion)

Why They Will Win the World Series: Continue reading National League Playoff Preview

Art Attack XXXII Concert Review (OPINION)


If this year’s Art Attack said anything of the beautiful campus and people at the University of Maryland, it’s that Terps know how to turn up. No matter the artist or the song, Xfinity Center’s audience on Friday night was about as fired up as they had been after beating Wisconsin basketball back in February.

The crowd was in it from the start, immediately jumping into a unique set from Battle of the Bands winner, The Orthobox. The one man show was all but orthodox, beat-boxing in a way that incorporated dubstep, pop music, and hip-hop beats. Regardless of his unusual genre, everyone on the floor was down to dance to whatever odd noises and sounds came out of the man’s mouth. This was only evidence of what was to come, however, as the crowd would continue to grow in size, volume, and energy throughout the night.

And then came Logic. In his homecoming show, the up-and-coming Maryland native was entertaining, confident, and lively, making for an awesome performance. The young rapper certainly felt at home, rapping through his discography as his local fans were able to rap along with him. At one point, he even brought Testudo on-stage, which was was sure to bring the crowd to another level.

The set had two distinctive highlights. The first song, “Alright,” is one where Logic sounds more like a Big Sean or Drake than the mixtape rapper that he was no more than a year ago. On-stage, it felt like I wasn’t at a Logic concert, but instead at the show of a more established rapper. This was his strongest moment on Friday night, but it was “Under Pressure” that was the most entertaining. This is where Logic really went in, aggressively spitting into the mic as the crowd bumped with him, beat by beat through what is my personal favorite Logic song. He exhibits his phenomenal flow on “Under Pressure,” and it made for a great live act.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.52.24 PM
(Aaron Megar/Pulsefeedz)

The Chainsmokers were my favorite performers at Art Attack. To be fair, I will lose myself at any EDM show and The Chainsmokers are no exception, but from an objective standpoint, I can still say that the Xfinity Center was no more live for anything else than it was for their top-track, “Kanye.” The Chainsmokers’ mix moved from genre to genre, playing some of the New York duo’s original music, like “Kanye” and “Selfie,” while also mixing in whatever else sounded good. And it all sounded good.

By the end of their show, all the jumping and arm-moving and singing had left the crowd about three-times as tired as they were before the set had began, but I think I can speak for everyone else at Art Attack when I say that the raging was definitely worth it.


Coming into the night, I had only low expectations for Jessie J. Did I wish it was Juicy J? Yes. And do I like the song “Bang Bang”? No, not at all. But what the young artist was able to do on-stage truly did surprise me. She was more energetic than anybody else had been that night, including the fans. She hopped and danced around the stage and was solidly entertaining. And I also forgot that she wrote “Domino,” so that helped her too. Not to say that I had a “great time” watching Jessie J, but I can’t imagine any other pop star would do much better (besides Miley Cyrus).

Maybe it would have been in SEE’s best interest to end the show with The Chainsmokers, seeing that the end of their set drained both the energy and size of the crowd. But either way, I have to give it to Jessie J for getting me to dance to songs as poppy as hers are.

Courtesy: telegraph.co.uk
Courtesy: telegraph.co.uk

All in all, Art Attack XXXII was better than I had expected, and the crowd was one of the best that I’ve ever seen. A school concert is special because it brings the school together, allows everybody to have fun around one common thing – music. Were Logic, The Chainsmokers, and Jessie J the three acts that I could have asked for? No, the furthest thing from it. But together they put on an exciting and spirited show in front of a great group of people known as #TerpNation.

Defining Intolerance


I’m not a religious or faith driven person, and for the most part, I don’t mind those who are. Everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs. I say this to emphasize that I am not a militant atheist; I have no desire to destroy other people’s faiths. This being said, I also have no qualms with challenging other people’s faiths.

The other day a friend of mine told me how she admired her roommate sacrificing “sweets” for Lent. I glibly retorted that it was incredibly convenient this roommate’s “sacrifice” for Lent could also double as a healthy diet—my logic being that it’s not really a sacrifice if what you’re giving up ultimately benefits you. My friend admonished me, saying that I should be more tolerant of other people’s faiths. Her admonition got me thinking about tolerance; more specifically, it made me question whether my critical comments on other people’s faiths could be considered intolerant.

Courtesy: www.ncregister.com
Courtesy: http://www.ncregister.com

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