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Scandal Review: The Lawn Chair


Good afternoon, Gladiators.

As usual, I woke up thankful for the brain of Shonda Rhimes, but today, I am especially grateful for her and her brain. Why? Because last night, we not only got a spectacular episode of Scandal, we were notified that although certain issues of black culture are touchy and some would like us to “forgive and forget,” we have not forgotten and we never will.

This was, in my opinion, the best episode of the season. No matter if you’ve been watching Scandal all four seasons or for the last four episodes, this one was an episode we could all relate to and follow. Gladiator or not, anyone could have watched last night’s installment and been moved to tears. I know I was.

I appreciate when people such as Shonda Rhimes use their influence to speak on significant social issues as she did last night. So, Shonda, if you’re reading, thank you. Thank you so much.

Let’s get down to business.

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Scandal review: No More Blood


Good– no, GREAT afternoon, my Gladiator friends!

Today is a great day because all is well with the world of Scandal. Well, almost all, but that’s not relevant right now. What’s important is that the asset has been recovered, our fearless leader has been returned to us and Shonda has saved us all from the separation anxiety from Liv that we have been suffering from for weeks.

Although Shonda blessed us with an episode that didn’t having us clutching our pearls in fear of what would happen next, she of course, didn’t fail to throw in several plot twists. Because of said twists, Shonda received several tweets from my followers and myself, none of which she responded to, but it’s okay. I’m not bitter, I am not upset….

Yes, I am.

ANYWAYS, down to business.

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Scandal Review: Gladiators Don’t Run


Good morning, Gladiators.

I will yet again spare you all the fluff because I know you are not in the mood for it and, quite frankly, neither am I. I am shocked, appalled and distressed this morning and I don’t think I’ll recover until after this season of Scandal ends. This is what Shonda Rhimes has done to me, to us. I was ready to fall out my seat at 9:18 p.m. I’m positive that emergency rooms across the country see an increase in the patients that come in for cardiovascular issues on Thursday nights, due to Shonda-induced trauma on their hearts. It’s just not normal to have a show that good, it just isn’t. On top of that, I noticed she was retweeting a few of her followers during the show last night. I was not one of the few selected, shockingly, since I tweet her faithfully every single Thursday. But no worries, my friends. My time will come.



Let us proceed with the recap of last night’s stress-isode.

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Scandal Review: Where’s the Black Lady?


Hello and good morning my fellow Gladiators,

As you all know, today is the beginning of the period of Scandal detox, where we cleanse our bodies of the TGIT-induced stress from the night before. Unfortunately for me, I have to relive this stress as I type this review. By the way, my letter to Shonda Rhimes is still in the works. Also, she still hasn’t blocked me on Twitter. We’re getting somewhere, folks.


Let us begin the debrief of last night’s shenanigans, shall we?

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Scandal Winter Premiere: Run


Hello again and welcome to the new year my fellow Gladiators!

I hope you are all well rested and ready for a new season of Scandal with our dear heroine, Olivia Pope. As I’m sure you all were, I was counting the days from the fall finale to last night’s episode. I’ve been twatching Shonda Rhimes for the past month, and luckily she hasn’t blocked me for all my tweets sent to her last season. Let’s hope she doesn’t block me this season. Anyways.

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Scandal Review: Winter Finale – Where The Sun Don’t Shine


I will spare you all the formal greeting this week because if you’re anything like me, I’m sure that your stress levels have met entirely new heights. I am completely mind blown, befuddled, flabbergasted, and just outright dismayed at last night’s season finale. I tried my absolute best to spend my last hours before Scandal doing things that I would enjoy because I knew at 9:00 and one second, Shonda was going to slay my entire existence.

Courtesy: pearlsandpeacocks.com
Courtesy: pearlsandpeacocks.com

As usual, I was right and once again, Shonda has snatched our souls out of our chests and there is NOTHING we can do about it. I tweeted her about it, she didn’t care. I still believe she blocked me.

Let us at least attempt to remain calm while we debrief, okay?

First off, the calmness of Liv when they searched B-613 headquarters and found her mother and brought her in. Her ability to hold a straight face. UNBELIEVABLE. I would like to just add that there are so many people on this show that have lost their minds when it comes to Liv and that becomes especially clear when her mother is taken into custody and has the NERVE to say “My daughter is here, Olivia Pope is here. Handle them, Livy. EXCUSE ME, WHAT? You try to murder her boyfriend, you killed her best friend’s girlfriend AND you tried to kill her father– but you want her to handle them for you? In the words of my girl Tamar:

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Scandal Review: The Last Supper


Hello Gladiators.

I am in a particularly foul mood as I write to you today.  Last night, I was handed the awful experience of having a Scandal-induced state of stuck. I try my best to immerse myself completely in the Shondaland trifecta on Thursday nights, but unfortunately, I was unable to focus for the first half of HTGAWM because I was still traumatized from the end of Scandal. Again, I took to Twitter, and begged, LITERALLY begged Shonda to take pity on her beloved Murder fans and not slay us all with the last five minutes of Scandal. I think Shonda may have blocked me.

Courtesy: photos.essence.com
Courtesy: photos.essence.com

Anyway, let’s snap out of it and talk about this, shall we?

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Scandal Review: Baby Made A Mess


Good morning, my fellow Gladiators!

It would be redundant to mention how stressed we all are after last night’s episode. I’m considering starting a petition to move Shonda Rhimes’ other hit series How To Get Away With Murder, to Friday night because there’s simply not enough recovery time between that and our beloved Scandal.

That being said, let us begin unraveling the twisted episode we just watched.

First of all, these past two episodes have been epic for women. So much empowerment, I love it. I felt the  overwhelming urge to squeal with pure joy when Liv finally proclaimed being a feminist. She has turned over a new leaf in season four, ladies and gents, no longer a mistress, no longer playing dirty (well, not too dirty), and she is taking a stand for women. YOU GO, LIV POPE. Continue reading Scandal Review: Baby Made A Mess