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Snow Takes Over The University of Maryland


On Wednesday night, as the snow started to fall, President Loh announced through his Twitter that the University of Maryland would be closed on March 5.

Yet, there was a second snow day on Friday, which caused the university to cancel Accepted Student’s Day, an event where high school students admitted to the university engage in various activities to learn about the school.

Lindsey Feingold/Pulsefeedz The view outside of Cumberland Hall on March 5

Students across the campus were ecstatic about the news. Last snow day, which occurred on February 17, there was a campus wide snowball fight that encompassed over 3,000 people. These two snow days, students took a different approach to their freedom.

Allie Hosmer, a sophomore at the University of Maryland majoring in Dietetics, exclaimed about the snow day on Thursday, “I love it! I got out of a test today so that’s nice to have the extra day to study.”

Hosmer is a resident of Southern Maryland, and is no novice to the weather that occurs around these parts. She stated about the snowfall: “We get some snow some years and other years, not really.” Continue reading Snow Takes Over The University of Maryland