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Emerging App Bando Reimagines How Users Consume News

By Julie Podczaski

Bando, a startup social magazine app, is changing the way users receive the latest urban culture news. With two sections and a search option, Bando displays featured articles from your favorite news sources while its live section streams must-see tweets and Instagram posts.  Continue reading Emerging App Bando Reimagines How Users Consume News

The Art of Social Media Comments


Since the creation of social media, our generation has taken to computers and other devices across the world to express their opinions and emotions. These expressions may be on a number of things such as political issues, social discussions or entertainment, Regardless of the topic, these comments have affected the way we view social media and the Internet as a whole, for good and bad.

As a heavy user of social media in its many forms, I know how crazy of a place the comment section of any video, article or photo can be. However, I have only recently started to appreciate the power of comments.

We live in the age of social media where most of our generation stays in the loop of whats going on around us through Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. However, the comment section tends to be overlooked, but if you take the time to read through the comments of any video on YouTube or Facebook, for example, you may find it even more intriguing than the content itself.

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Social Media Showdown: Karrueche v. C. Breezy


Chris Brown and his on again, off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran are making headlines after a social media battle royal. This clash of words comes after an incident between the two outside of a LA nightclub on June 4th, where Chris forced his way into Karraueche’s car. According to media outlets, the situation continued to escalate outside of Karrueche’s home and later at Norm, a LA eatery.

Dating back to 2010, their relationship has had its share of break ups and make-ups. Yet it seemed to have come to a true end this past March when it was revealed that Brown fathered a daughter with another woman. Continue reading Social Media Showdown: Karrueche v. C. Breezy

Role Model or just Real Messy? Why Celebrities Can’t Behave (Opinion)


It seems as though celebrities in this age can’t seem to act civilized despite being directly in the public’s line of sight. That became apparent yesterday after watching the ridiculousness involving R&B crooner Chris Brown’s reaction to the conversation concerning his relationship with model Karrueche Tran on the daytime talk show The Real. Brown was set off by commentary between Bailon and Braxton who speculated that Chris may not be the ideal guy to be with and Karrueche’s friends are beneficiaries of their relationship, so if she should want to leave him, they may not be the first to give her their approval.

Courtesy: alwaysalist.com

Chris is no stranger to negative publicity, having a record and reputation almost as long as his list of hit songs. He caught the first blow to his spotless reputation back in 2009, when he brutally beat his then-girlfriend, the Bajan princess of pop music, Rihanna, on the way to the Grammys. Everyone, even those uninterested in pop culture, cringed at the sight of the injuries Rihanna sustained as a result of Chris’s rage. Continue reading Role Model or just Real Messy? Why Celebrities Can’t Behave (Opinion)