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Life With Lo Episode 3 “Affirmation Posts”

By Lauryn Froneberger

A fact of the world: Gabrielle Union is a goddess.

Courtesy: Giphy.com
Courtesy: Giphy.com

And if there is anything we love more than the accomplished actress, it is her character Mary Jane Paul, who on BET’s Being Mary Jane never fails to use sticky note quotes as a way to motivate, uplift and enlighten her spirit.

Courtesy: BET.com
Courtesy: BET.com

This week, Simone and I channel the same energy and self-reflect. Who do we really want to be? 

From Baltimore to UMD: Can students trust cops?


In light of the recent deaths of unarmed civilians at the hands of law enforcement officers around the country, many people have taken to protests and activism, namely by teens and young adults. Specifically at the University of Maryland, the civil unrest and brutality of police officers has caused an sense uneasiness in some students toward authorities on campus.

UMD students expressed outrage about the immoral acts of police and issues of racial profiling and violence within the past year, following the deaths of Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland and countless others. Through education on the history of police brutality against people of color and reading news articles and discussing the harsh realities of racism and violence in the police force, some students have developed interesting perspectives on those called to protect and serve.

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College Park city council takes initiatives to make community more livable


The city of College Park has been plagued with 259 crimes, mostly larceny and burglary, as of this August—over half of the number of crimes for the entire year of 2014.

In response to the crime in the area, the College Park city council has made efforts to make the community more livable for all residents of the city. The Neighborhood Quality of Life Committee was adopted in September of 2013 to replace the Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Work Group, originally formed in 2012. The committee was formed to “engage with various stakeholders, including the University of Maryland, city residents, UMD students, public safety officials, and rental property owners, to identify possible strategies to stabilize neighborhoods,” according to the group’s resolution.

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Oregon Shooting: How Christians respond when tragedy strikes


On Thursday, October 1, nine people were murdered when a 26-year-old opened fire in a classroom at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon before killing himself in a shootout with police. Another nine people were wounded.

The latest incident at Umpqua Community College in Oregon has fallen under the spotlight over the last week as some Americans nationwide question whether a number of these victims could be considered martyrs for their Christian faith.

“He had us get up one by one and asked us what our religions were,” stated survivor Anastasia Boylan in an interview with ABC News. “The shooter said (to a victim) that he would only feel the pain for a couple of seconds and that he would be with God soon, and then he shot him.”

After Boylan had been shot in the back near her spine, she laid on the ground and pretended to be dead. She could hear everything in her surroundings as nine of those around her were killed at the hands of the killer. During the ABC interview, Boylan mentions how the 26-year-old was laughing as he was shooting his victims.

“He sounded really deranged because he said that he had been waiting to do that for a very long time, and then he laughed,” remembered Boylan.

It’s been reported that the shooter left behind a two-page “manifesto” but investigators, including the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, have not confirmed or denied speculations that the shooter targeted Christians. Continue reading Oregon Shooting: How Christians respond when tragedy strikes

STEM Expo 2015 inspires the next generation of innovators


As science and technology continue to evolve, the need for invested young students is higher than ever, but the need for young minority students is even higher. The 2015 Maryland STEM Expo exposed the possibilities of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to students by exploring robotics.

According to the executive director of STEMaction and co-sponsor of First Robotics, Bill Duncan, a big part of getting kids interested is including a competitive component.

“With First it’s a hands-on competition, it’s a sport…give them a chance to build robots and take them out into a sporting environment where they are building robots and competing in a game” Duncan said.

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43 Mexican students abducted, possibly massacred


On September 26,  while traveling to Iguala, Mexico, forty-three students went missing. Most of them were studying to become teachers in a college in the countryside of Ayotzinapa, Mexico. The students were traveling to Iguala to protest at one of the mayor’s events which would feature a speech given by his wife. Jose Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, were informed of the students’ plan and ordered their abduction from Iguala police chief, Felipe Flores Velasquez.

Iguala mayor Jose Luis Abarca and wife,  Maria de los Angeles Pineda.  Courtesy: bbc.com
Iguala mayor Jose Luis Abarca and wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda.
Courtesy: bbc.com

“Concerned that the students would disrupt a speech his politically ambitious wife was giving in the town’s central plaza, Mr. Abarca ordered the police to “teach them a lesson,” Mexican news media reports said, citing documents in the investigation.”

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