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Economic growth has little to no effect on those paying UMD tuition


Although America is working to rebuild from the economic recession of 2007-08, paying for college has not gotten easier for some parents of University of Maryland students.

UMD has followed the trend of making up for income losses in recent years, raising tuition by up to five percent this fall. The school also decided to gradually increase tuition for business, engineering and computer science majors in addition to the overall tuition increase.

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How do University of Maryland students afford school?


At the University of Maryland, students are eligible to apply for many forms of financial aid. The university offers federal work study, scholarships and grants, but most often, students take out loans to pay for school.

According to the U.S. News and World Report, “42.5 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid and the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $9,213.”

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Online Classes: Better Than You Think (Opinion)

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Online classes are rapidly replacing traditional college lectures. Taking a web-based course may seem overwhelming at first, with no professor to answer questions, or re-explain things. But have no fear; online learning offers many benefits that in-person learning can not. Let’s look at some of the ways a web-based course is helpful.

Saves You Money  


First and foremost, online classes are cheaper. Even if your online tuition is the same price as campus tuition, there are additional expenses you can avoid. You will save tons of money on gas, by not having to drive to campus. Oil prices go up year after year, meaning web-based learning will become more appealing as time goes on.

And to you students paying for campus housing; imagine the money you will save by living at home. Or, if you insist on living in a college town, online classes will allow you to have more freedom about where you live. It is often cheaper to live farther from campus than right near your school. By taking online classes, you can live several miles away from the university, without the inconvenience of getting to class. This will allow you to still enjoy the thrills of a college town, while your rent remains cheap.

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Saves You Time 

The beauty of computer-based learning is that you choose the pace. Of course there are deadlines for assignments, but you still have a choice about the amount of learning in each day. This is unlike in-person lectures, which give you limited timeframes to write down heaps of information.

Another perk of internet schooling is no set class times. This means you can sleep in as late as needed. No setting your alarm early, scrambling to get dressed and running off to class. No professors giving you glares for walking in a few minutes late. Online classes give you the freedom of choice. Think about how much better life would be if you dictated your schedule, as opposed to your college.

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Saves The Environment 

Environmental concerns are growing, now that we’ve learned humans contribute to climate change. By taking college courses at your computer, you can help to save the environment in multiple ways. Not driving to class means less greenhouse gases will be put into the atmosphere.

You will also be saving paper, because your assignments and handouts will come in the form of computer files. Not only will web-based courses benefit you; mother nature will be assisted as well.

With computers rapidly taking over all walks of life, you should get used to online learning. Hopefully this list will help you to see the benefits of the web-based college experience.