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Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter


In light of Breast Cancer Awareness month, University of Maryland’s Phunktions Hip Hop Dance Company are hosting an all day fitness fundraising event Sunday that includes a 5k run and a number of dance classes such as Yoga, Master Zumba and Abs & Arms.

These dancers are determined to expand the mission of their organization from solely dance and dance instruction classes to philanthropic work that will ultimately have a greater impact on the lives of people outside of the dance world.

Sophomore Anthropology major and Phunktions Marketing Executive Monique Watson says that with a combination of community service and exercise, this event is “something you won’t want to miss.”

Sophomore Anthropology major and Phunktions Marketing Executive Monique Watson Courtesy: Instagram
Sophomore Anthropology major and Phunktions Marketing Executive Monique Watson
Courtesy: Instagram

Registration for Phunktions Phitness Day is online here!

Phunktions will also be giving out door prizes such as Breast Cancer Awareness accessories, gift cards, and Zumba gear.

P.S. Although the flyers advertise registration online, there is still limited opportunity to register the day of the event if you absolutely can not register beforehand!

Admission for the Zumba and Hip Hop master classes taught by Phunktions members (with a free water bottle) will be $15.

Whereas $20 will include the morning 5k run, a free t-shirt and more dance master classes throughout the day.

The schedule for the event can be found below!

Courtesy: Facebook

Follow Phunktions on InstagramTwitter, Facebook and on their new website! 


How Much Sexy is TOO Sexy?


The Caribbean Student Association at the University of Maryland set out to explore and explain the answers to this question at their General Body Meeting on Thursday, October 23rd at the Nyumburu Cultural Center.

Caribbean Student Association representatives (left to right) Arielle Wharton, Justine Dawes, Shervaughnnie Hutchinson, Darien Ellis, and T'Keyah Newell
Caribbean Student Association representatives (left to right) Arielle Wharton, Justine Dawes, Shervaughnnie Hutchinson, Darien Ellis, and T’Keyah Newell (Lauryn Froneberger/Pulsefeedz)

If you didn’t know, the Caribbean Student Association, or CSA for short, is a student organization designed to unite, socialize, and educate the Caribbean student population at UMD. CSA prides itself on enhancing and celebrating Caribbean culture, politics and history at the University of Maryland through programming and community service. Continue reading How Much Sexy is TOO Sexy?

TED founder Richard Wurman’s alternative outlook on life, work, and our modern society.


On Tuesday night, the University of Maryland was visited by Richard Wurman, founder of “TED Talks,” who spoke in the Stamp Grand Ballroom to an audience of students, professors, administrators, and many others excited to hear what the brilliant visionary had to say.

In an hour, Wurman spoke about many topics, varying from education to innovation to intelligence, all of which he had a novel and often abstract opinion for. Continue reading TED founder Richard Wurman’s alternative outlook on life, work, and our modern society.

In case you missed Homecoming Juke Joint… (Video and Pictures)


…..which you probably didn’t because it was one of the “livest” and most packed events of the semester!

Here are some of our favorite performances and pictures from the show!

UMD Phunktions Performance (Snippet)

One of our favorite singers (who I recently profiled) Ashley Lyles also performed…

Poet Kosi Dunn performed two poems. Here’s a snippet of one and the full version of another…

Here are some pictures from Monday night’s festivities:

Photos Courtesy of: Jessie Karangu and Lauryn Froneberger

Look out for a review from our very own Breana Bacon!

Why Yik-Yak is Great for UMD (Opinion)


Whether it be making fun of the school’s upcoming opponent in football, complaining about a tough exam, or the ever-so frequent hating on Duke; UMD’s Yik-Yak feed is one full of posts that the entire school can agree upon. It brings the school together on the days leading up to game day and finals while also fostering the creative writing of jokes and anecdotes by UMD’s wide variety of students. I honestly believe that Yik-Yak, the app of anonymity, has a positive effect on the school.

I didn’t realize this until my roommate walked in with a Yik-Yak koozie that he said they were giving away at Stamp, but the app truly is a growing school-wide phenomenon that students may look at as often as their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

For those who don’t know, Yik-Yak is a mobile app where users post anonymous tweet-like statements (maximum of 200 characters) that other users can up, down, or reply to. Certain “yaks” become what they call “hot” as people continue to up vote them. Though users can use the “peek” function to look into different Yak feeds on different college campuses, one’s own feed is based on where they are located, and this case, we’re all looking at the UMD feed.

Courtesy: TerpRunners

Yik-Yak gives the student body an opportunity to virtually rally behind or simply relate to common statements such as:

“College has me so broke, I actually eat the slices at the end of the loaf…” (posted at 9:34 PM on Tuesday night)

“A college kids favorite 2 words: ‘free’ and ‘cancelled.'” (posted 28 minutes later).

In this past week’s edition of The Diamondback, however, an article titled “Yik Yak: Damaging the campus’s image” did not offer the same kind of support. The article discussed the crude, vulgar, racial, and sexual jokes that can at times be found on Yik-Yak. Although these are just as, if not less, common as the supportive, relatable, and school-spirited posts.

The writer of this piece must not have been following Yik-Yak in the days building up to the Ohio State game, where the utmost display of school spirit could be found on the school’s feed as yaks poured in both ridiculing the Buckeyes and cheering on our Terps.

The story that The Diamondback ran does not give Yik-Yak credit for what it really is: not a haven for offensive and hurtful words, but for Terps to express their pride and unity as one funny, spirited, and excited student body.

Courtesy: ChicagoNow

For students, Yik-Yak serves as a source of entertainment on a regular basis, always being updated with laughs and semi-important notifications. These notifications can range from the fact that there was an armed robbery on campus (maybe the school should start using Yik-Yak instead of e-mail for crime alerts) to the great tacos at the diner!

When asked what she loves about Yik-Yak, my floormate Stephanie said:

“I like how it’s a modern way for me to know what’s going on all over campus, while at the same time allowing me to enjoy the jokes about squirrels and exams and all sorts of other collegey stuff.”

When asked about the vulgar and offensive jokes found on Yik-Yak, she said:

“I really don’t find anything offensive, and for people who do, its college, people are going to joke about sex and drugs.”

The article ends by discussing the university’s image and how future Terps can access the school’s Yik-Yak feed while in the process of deciding where to go.

Courtesy: Campus Safety Magazine

While the school’s image from a professional point of view may be tainted by the crudeness found on the feed, for future Terps it illustrates a school full of dignity and spirit, unmatched by most college Yik-Yak feeds that I have looked at throughout the Big Ten and the rest of the nation.

When I “peek” into the feeds of other schools approaching a game day against our Terps every week, there is not a word talking about how they’re going to smash Maryland or how awesome their own team is. Yik-Yak is a reflection how much pride our school really has and this is great for the University of Maryland.

Big Changes to the Big/Little Program this year


Junior Psychology Major Alex Grillo has transformed the “Campus Mentoring Bigs” Program into an organization grounded on leadership, academic excellence and developing awareness of campus resources. 

The “Campus Mentoring Bigs” program incorporates the use of mentors with a Sophomore standing or higher to help guide incoming freshmen students on a path to success.

Continue reading Big Changes to the Big/Little Program this year

Explore outside of College Park

By Jessica Marquez

The semester has officially started for the University of Maryland students. The College Park area is filled with many different restaurants like Chipotle, Potbelly, and Five Guys. Let’s not forget about Terrapin’s Turf and all the weekly specials that they have to offer.

While walking around campus may be fun for the first couple of weeks, you may find the urge to adventure out and discover what there is outside of the College Park area.

The DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) area offers a variety of places with good food, good sites, and sometimes good entertainment.

Let’s start off at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.


The United States capitol is located seven stops away from the College Park metro station if you get off at Union Station. Union station offers a big selection of restaurants within its vicinity. So if you’re craving Johnny Rockets, Bojangles’, Häagen-Dazs, or a salad from Chop’t, Union Station has something for you.

To the left side of the capitol, if you’re facing the National Mall, is the United States Botanic Garden.

IMG_2422     IMG_2427

The Botanic Garden has been around since 1820. Admission to this garden is completely free. Staff members also offer 45-minute tours throughout the day. For temporary exhibits or special topics, check out the United States Botanic Garden online website http://www.usbg.gov/programs-and-events

Across the National Mall and on Pennsylvania Avenue…


The White House! The nearest metro stations are Farragut West and McPherson Square. If you want to protest, take pictures, or wait outside and hope to see President Obama, the White House is a pretty good place to be.

Now, if you’re looking to catch a fun and enjoyable baseball game, Navy Yard Metro station is your stop.


While in season, Nats Nation is live! For games and tickets check washington.nationals.mlb.com

Moving north from Navy Yard and into Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland…


Courtesy of downtownsilverspring.com

The downtown Silver Spring area offers a diversity of restaurants, shops, and events. Entertainment is a big part of Silver Spring. The Fillmore, Majestic Movie Theater, and Discovery Communications are all in the same area. The best part yet is that downtown Silver Spring is UM-Shuttle accessible.

Now let’s take it to Crystal City, Virginia.

IMG_1321   IMG_1427

Crystal City…wow! It’s a growing area located about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from the Pentagon. Ronald Reagan National Airport is a close walk as well.

If you are considering a flight into the UMD area, Ronald Reagan Airport is your best choice since it is metro accessible and a couple minutes closer than BWI.

The DMV is a place to grow, learn, and discover. There are many opportunities for students, parents, staff, and friends. Just get out there and explore!

UMD Dining Service Hours Extended

Courtesy: The Diamondback

Unfortunately, finals are coming soon. Because of the inordinate hours which students are still awake, dining services at the University of Maryland have decided to extend it’s hours for the first time ever, according to The Diamondback.

Commons Shop – open until 2am (December 14th – December 20th)

Footnotes (in the library) – open 24 hours a day (December 15th – December 21st)

Adele’s – serve dinner through December 19th

North Campus/South Campus Dining Halls – Normal late night hours begin on December 15th (NORTH), December 16th (SOUTH), open at 6:45am.

STAMP (Chick-Fil-A, Coffee Bar, Union Shop) – open at 7am.

“To make sure it has enough staff for the extended hours, Dining Services plans to ask student employees their availabilities and then fill empty slots with  full-time workers’ shifts. Student workers will then be scheduled based on their own exam and study schedules, he said.”

Shoutout to UMD for being CLUTCH!!!